Zombigotchi in Review – Love ’em or abuse ’em, it’s still a zombie

The appeal of the Tamagotchi has always been a mystery to me.  People have a hard enough time taking care of physical pets, so why would you want to be bothered with such things in the digital world, aside from the fact that they can’t really die?  Thanks to Zombigotchi, however, I’ve developed a slight appreciation for the whole concept.  Granted it’s a lot harder to feel guilty about torturing a zombie than a little puppy, but I’m sure the principle is the same.  I still rather be playing a game, but I can easily see this being a nice diversion while waiting in line at the supermarket or something. Continue reading…

Squish The Zombies In Review – Crush Those Undead Half Wits!

It seems that all over the App Store (and TMA) zombie apps have risen once again. I apparently am not immune to this resurgence either as before me today, I have Squish The Zombies from AQSystem, who also happen to be the co-developers of Infect Them All (TMA review). With a name like that it doesn’t take braaaaaiiinsss! to figure out that this is going to be an amusing little app.

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Infect Them All In Review – Taking Out Humans One Bite At A Time!

I’ve waxed poetic in the past about my love for “pick up and play” titles. So far that has not changed. Devices like the iPhone are great for short burst of gaming sessions, be it at home, work or during daily commutes. Luckily for me, the folks over at Magic Cube have nailed it down with their latest title Infect Them All.

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Resident Evil 4 – creeping out at the App Store


I hate zombies – they actually still haunt the dark recesses of my imagination even after many years. Yup, I saw Resident Evil, the movie in the dark year, 2002, and have not been able to walk by the tøpiary my sister made for my wedding without flinching. It cowers in the hallway and on late night milk runs, lethargically hunts something near the staircase, like a shrivelled, waiting undead.

I hate zombies.

But, many brainless cretins love them. Nice gameplay video after the jump.

Capcom, Resident Evil 4, 7.99$, 37.3 MB
Resident Evil 4

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