13 iPhone and iPad Games To Play This Halloween


Last year I shared with you my thoughts on some games that you should be playing over the spooky Halloween season.  I’ve decided to continue the trend this year, except I changed my philosophy a bit in that I covered only games that I’ve played this time around.  Also, instead of 20 choices I’m giving you 13, which seems both appropriate given the day this article is honoring and necessary given I’ve run out of time!  Anyway, hopefully this list will be useful to you in finding just the right game to occupy your Halloween night, and you can always check out last year’s list since it’s still full of valid choices.

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Zombie Wonderland in Review – Need some undead guts cleaned up?

So what would happen if one day John Gore of Minigore (TMA Review) fame woke up and decided to go zombie hunting? I’m pretty sure you’d end up with Zombie Wonderland. With the whole “protect the building” scenario ripped right from the Evil Dead movies, and a main character whose witty comments could rival those of the master zombie slayer Ash himself, Zombie Wonderland is an amusing jaunt in the zombie killing genre that actually works quite well, despite not being a line drawing, dual stick wielding or 3D person perspective action game.

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