ZAGG’s iPad-an-Hour Giveaway is almost here [Update: Now Live]

The second annual iPad-an-Hour Giveaway bonanza by ZAGG is back. Same as last year, 24 iPads (this time the iPad 4 16GB Wifi model) will be given away throughout Black Friday.

Starting at 12:00 am MST on Black Friday, we’ll be giving away an iPad 4 every hour. 24 iPad 4s over 24 hours. Each hour is a new opportunity to enter the giveaway. So yes, you need to go to the giveaway page each hour and enter.

Entering the giveaway will be simple. To enter, just submit your email address. For additional entries, you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. A Facebook share is worth two additional entries, a Twitter share is worth one additional entry, and a Pinterest share is worth one additional entry.

You can get a reminder by texting ‘hour’ to 53535 and ZAGG will text you each hour to remind you to enter. The contest starts in a few hours, so if you’re feeling lucky then, head over to the ZAGG Contest page to submit your entries. Good luck!

Review: ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Extreme and HD

Several months ago, I accidentally dropped my iPad 3 on the ground as the Smart Cover I was holding detached itself from the tablet. Sadly, the screen got banged up and several inches of scratch marks were made. Thankfully Apple replaced it for free and gave me a brand new iPad – this despite not having the extended AppleCare+ warranty. Now if I had bothered putting on a worthy screen protector, the iPad’s display wouldn’t have been damaged in the first place. Since then, I’ve gone through several brands (mostly the cheap ones), though all of them left much to be desired for one reason or another. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. That’s when I decided to finally skip the junk and try out some of the “premium” screen protectors out there, like the hugely popular ZAGG invisibleSHIELDs. In particular, the invisibleSHIELD Extreme for the iPhone 5 and High Definition shield for the iPad 3/4.

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ZAGG’s Memorial Day Sale: 50% off all goods (20% off for Keyboard cases) + iPad 3 An Hour Giveaway

ZAGG, one of the best known accessories maker around for the iDevice, has once again launched their annual Memorial Day Sale event. Nearly everything is 50% off, including the ZAGGsparq (a portable battery pack and charger) and the ZAGGsmartbuds (earphones w/mic). Meanwhile, their Keyboard Cases for the iPad, which rarely go on sale, are now 20% off. As such, you can finally pick up popular items like the ZAGGFolio Keyboard Case (TMA review) and Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG (TMA review) for only $79.99. If you can do without a case, the ZAGGkeys Flex comes with an excellent bluetooth keyboard and a foldable stand/cover (now $63.99). This Memorial Day Sale is on for only 2 days, ending May 29th. And as an added bonus, if you spend over $9.99, you’ll be sent a ZAGGfoam (an antibacterial cleaner) for free. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Memorial Day Sale landing page for the complete details.

Finally, ZAGG’s also holding an iPad 3 an Hour Giveaway, where a new iPad will be given away every hour during Memorial Day. Good luck!

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Cyber Monday Sale: 50% off ZAGG products

ZAGG’s Cyber Monday Sale is back and pretty much everything is now 50% off. That means you can pick up popular items like the ZAGGsparq (a 6,000 mAh battery pack to recharge iDevices on-the-go) and the ZAGGbuds (earphones with built-in a noise canceling mic) at half off. The site-wide sale (sadly) doesn’t apply to certain products though, like external keyboards for the iPad (ZAGGkeys, ZAGGmate etc.), iFrogz cases and ZAGG gift cards. Everything else is fair game. This Cyber Monday sale ends tomorrow, Nov 29th @ 2:00 AM MST, and please note that product pages don’t reflect the sale price – the 50% off is applied at check out. And if you live in one of the lower 48 US states, shipping is free on orders $29.98 or more after the 50% discount has been applied.

ZAGG set to giveaway 24 iPad 2s on Black Friday – One every hour!

ZAGG, the company behind the Flex Keyboard and ZAGGmate, is holding another massive iPad Giveaway this Black Friday. In 2010, ZAGG did an iPad-a-week giveaway; earlier this February, it was an iPad-a-day hand out. Naturally, this Friday, we should be expecting an iPad 2 every hour, right? Starting midnight (MST) on November 25th, 2011, an iPad 2 WiFi 16 GB model can be won every hour, all by visiting the contest page and submitting your entry (Name and email). The key is that each entry only counts for that hour, so you’ll have to re-submit 24 separate times (once each hour) if you really want that iPad badly enough. You’ll also receive up to 3 additional entries per hour if you share that contest page via Twitter and Facebook. Good luck!

ZAGGkeys Flex Keyboard compatible with iPhone/iPad and other Smartphones and Tablets

ZAGG’s line of popular mobile keyboards has just grown by one with the new release of the ZAGGkeys Flex Keyboard. Like the recent ZAGGkeys Solo, the bluetooth enabled Flex not only works with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but also Android smartphones and tablets. Unlike its predecessor however, the Flex is significantly more compact (almost 30% smaller in width) and lighter in weight. With the new design, the keyboard’s case transforms into a stand, which can prop up a multitude of smart devices. Think of it as Apple’s Wireless Keyboard, but with an accompanying cover and stand. It also comes with customized key functions that’s found on the original ZAGGmate – home and search buttons, volume and playback controls etc. The ZAGGkeys Flex is now available for $79.99 and can be purchased on ZAGG’s website. More photos and video demo right after the gap.

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ZAGGkeys SOLO iPad Keyboard now available for Pre-order

ZAGG, makers of the popular invisibleShields and ZAGGmate case/keyboard accessory, is now taking pre-orders for their new ZAGGkeys SOLO iPad Keyboard. The SOLO, as the name implies, is essentially the keyboard piece found in the recently released ZAGGfolio. Priced at $69.99 instead of $99 for the added protection of the carbon fiber design found in the folio, the standalone bluetooth keyboard is sleek, lightweight and made to accompany not just the iPad, but a number of other tablets as well. It’s compatible with the HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Motorola Zoom, Asus Eee Pad and more, though the experience will differ depending on whether you use these other tablets in the portrait or landscape modes.

You can pre-order the SOLO Keyboard on ZAGG’s website, and the estimated shipment date is today, August 10th. Video of the ZAGGfolio (the SOLO can be seen when it’s removed from the case) and more product screenshots after the gap.

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ZAGGmate with Keyboard in Review – One Sleek Case and Keyboard Combo for your iPad

When it comes to accessories for the iPad, we’re no longer just seeing cases, stands, or screen protectors on the market. Manufacturers have started to cater to users who aren’t all that keen on typing with the iPad’s virtual keyboard for extended periods. As such, the iPad is often being paired up with Apple’s own iPad Keyboard Dock or Wireless Keyboard. This may be good for when at home, but on the road, it can be cumbersome to lug around the two separately.

It’s no wonder then that we’ve seen a whole new market open up for cases that incorporate a physical keyboard. The Kensington KeyFolio, Gembox  Keyboard Case and the upcoming Adonit Writer are such examples. Unfortunately, most add unwanted bulk and make your iPad look more like a crummy (second hand) netbook. Thankfully, ZAGG has come up with a solution that is both sleek and sexy, not to mention fun to use – the ZAGGmate w/ Keyboard case.

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Psst…ZAGG’s giving away 3 iPads this week!

ZAGG, who recently released the sweet looking iPad keyboard/case combo ZAGGmate, is giving away three 16 GB iPads (3G + Wi-Fi model) as part of their 12 Weeks of Christmas promotion. iPod Touch 4Gs, PS3s and $400 Best Buy gift cards were some of the prizes that were given away in the previous weeks. To enter, all you need to do is head over to the ZAGG Contest page and submit your name and email address for the random draw. For additional entries, you can also share/tweet the giveaway via Facebook and Twitter.

And even if you don’t win, the best part is that you’ll be sent a discount coupon for up to 50% off on essentially all products (up to 3 items) you find on ZAGG. This iPad giveaway is good from Dec 12-18th, so if you’re feeling lucky this holiday season, head on over to submit your entry. Good luck!

ZAGGmate with Keyboard to turn your iPad into a 10″ Laptop. Now available for Pre-Order

While iPad cases that incorporate a fully functional keyboard into its design is not entirely new (like the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard and Aidacase Folio Deluxe cases), the upcoming ZAGGmate w/Keyboard is probably the most intriguing and promising keyboard case I’ve come across to date. Embedded is a Bluetooth keyboard that includes special function keys specific to the iPad: music and volume control, slideshow, home , search, virtual keyboard toggle and more. The outer shell is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and an anodized finish that matches nicely with that of the iPad.

And if you don’t see the need for the external keyboard, the ZAGGmate also comes as a standalone version, which essentially becomes an ultra thin aluminum case and adjustable stand (with 10 viewing angles) for your iPad. The ZAGGmate w/Keyboard will sell for $99 US, while the regular ZAGGmate will set you back $69. Both are now available for pre-order and will ship on or slightly before Dec 17th. This is certainly one iPad accessory we look forward to reviewing in the near future. In the meantime, check out the promo videos and screenshots after the gap.

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