SpellTower update adds universal support for the iPhone

SpellTower, easily the best word game to release for iOS in recent memory, has been updated to add universal support for the iPhone. Previously only available for the iPad, this strategic word game features 4 game modes, eye pleasing visuals, game center leaderboards and achievements for you to see just how expansive your vocabulary really is. Puzzle Mode gives the game a Tetris (or even Drop7) feel to it, where bottom rows are added for every word you make. Once the blocks reach the top, it’s game over. If you’re tired of the likes of Bookworm (Review) or Abca (Review), take a closer look at SpellTower. You’d be hard pressed to find a better word game at the moment on the iDevice. The video trailer below will run you through all the game modes and how they’re played.

SpellTower Zach Gage, SpellTower, – $1.99

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