Youtube app now optimized for iPad and iPhone 5

Shortly after Google added the ability to setup multiple accounts to the official Gmail app, their standalone YouTube app for iOS was also updated with support for the iPad and iPhone 5. Now users can comfortably get their YouTube fix on the iPad or iPad mini and iPhone 5. About time too as it’s been almost 3 months since it was first released and users had to resort to other apps like Jasmine (a great app itself) or mobile Safari while browsing through videos on the iPad or latest iPhone. Other new features in the update include AirPlay support, adding and removing videos from your playlists, clickable links in video descriptions and improved accessibility with VoiceOver.

YouTube Google, YouTube – Free

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Watch all the Apple TV ads ever made

Did you know Will Ferrell was in an Apple TV ad?

Quick. How many Apple TV ads have ever been made? If you said 485, that’d be correct. Well, according to someone with way too much time on their hands anyway. Found under the Youtube channel EveryAppleAds (via The Next Web), you can now watch all the classics in one place. From the very first Apple TV ad (1977) to the recent iPad mini adverts, it’s (supposedly) all there. Yes, you can re-watch all the Mac vs. PC ads starring Justin Long and the ‘other guy’ (John Hodgman). Below are but a few of the ones I’ve enjoyed from a number of years ago. For the full playlist, head over to the Youtube page.

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Jasmine is a great looking (and free) YouTube client for the iPhone and iPad

Jasmine youtube player on the iPad

Watching YouTube videos on your iDevice has just gotten a whole lot prettier thanks to the recently released Jasmine app. Brought to you by Jason Morrissey, the developer of Alien Blue (a client for Reddit that looks equally clean and well designed), Jasmine is a YouTube client that not only looks great, but is fully featured. It has a day/night theme, supports Playlists/Favourites/Subscriptions (login to your YouTube account), and you can also play audio from music videos in the background while you check your emails/iMessages.

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Standalone YouTube app released for iPhone

A little over a month ago, Apple confirmed that YouTube would no longer be pre-installed in their new upcoming OS. “Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended. Customers can use YouTube in the safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the app store”. And with just a day to go before the iPhone 5 running iOS 6 is unveiled, the standalone YouTube app for the iPhone has been released.

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Steve Ballmer reviews the iPad

Redmon Pie pointed out the cute iPad review by Microsoft’s brash CEO himself, Steve Ballmer. Succinct as ever, he riddles the iPad with holes of its own making and adds the cleverest of quips. Look out for Microsoft’s big next best thing soon enough! YouTube, I love you.

Complete video text:

Hi.. Steve Ballmer from the Microsoft Corporation with an iPad review.. Are you kidding me.. this thing is an etch a sketch.. How many times you gonna be bent over from that yoghurt eating, sandal wearing guru? it’s ridiculous! He releases a tablet without multitasking? Wait till I flood the market with a thousand of these things.. It’s gonna have Windows 7.. Windows Mobile.. Azure.. the Cloud.. It’ll have everything! Try opening an app on this thing and listen to some music.. Back and forth.. Back and forth.. Back and forth! No multitasking.. No multitasking! Are you kidding me? How do you have this much real estate and I still have to hit “Shift” to type a number? It’s idiotic! No flash.. No Farmville.. No porn.. No sports.. Now I know why Steve calls it Safari.. because its a hunt to find a website that works on this thing.. What is it with him? I thought that him and Adobe were friends.. they go back a long time.. Is there anybody that this guy won’t try and screw? When is enough? I thought we were the bad guys.. Jesus! Can you pick a more close system? Talk about screwing developers.. Developers Developers Developers! These guys make the Google twin idiots look like geniuses. Scoble’s all happy he waited 22 hours in line to get one.. Christ that guy is an idiot! So glad I got rid of him.. How do you not put a camera in this thing? How am I supposed to see Martin on chat roulette? Steve Ballmer from the Microsoft Corporation with an iPad review.. This thing blows!!

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SonicPics for on sale for 66% Off – Monday Only

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Humble Daisy is offering it’s popular recording tool SonicPics for $0.99 (regularly priced $2.99) on Monday, March 22nd. SonicPics is a tool for creating and narrating custom photo slide shows on the iPhone or iPod touch.

SonicPics makes it easy to use images from the iPhone’s photo library or built in camera to make custom slide shows and then record a voiceover narrating the images as you swipe through them. Once you are finished, you can create an enhanced m4v video with your images synchronized to your narration, complete with chapters. You can share your recording with your family and friends, or even the world.

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The iPad – an oversized iPod Touch

If you build it, they will come. The birth of the iPad from Apple’s womb brought mixed results from the fanboy/girl community. While some find the iPad as merely an eBook reader on steroids, some find it a bloated iPod Touch that brings nothing new to the table.

Call it what you will, one can’t deny a chuckle from the rather cheesy name. In fact, the “magical” iPad has spawned several comedic parodies amongst popular YouTubers like jacksfilms.

Whether you hate it or can’t get enough of it, the iPad is most definitely going to change the AppStore as we know it, and be a part of our joke arsenal for years to come.

The JBnator Diaries – Fixing Push Notifications and YouTube on “hacktivated” phones


Hello again, folks – your guru of jailbreaking here! And today I’ll tackle the problem which rendered Push and YouTube inoperable on “hacktivated” iPhones. I referenced it in my last article on upgrading jailbroken phones. Well, there’s always a way out and I’m gonna tell all!

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Gameloft’s Asphalt 5 Gameplay trailer

I’ll make no secret of the fact that the venerable arcade hit, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing ranks highly among my favourite iDevice racers. Its combination of good graphics, playable physics, and selection of racetracks and cars is still a well-ordered kind of good. Well, its successor, whose beautiful fps you see above should be hitting the same store this week or when Apple’s arbitrary publishing arm hits the coveted ‘yes’ button. Asphalt 5 preserves the same great arcade feel while upping the race and graphics engine to 11.

If you have an questions, you won’t get answers from me till about a week after its debut – till then I’ll be snowed under a great rubbery deluge of burning tyres!