Yahoo! – iAd’s “going to fall apart”

iAds mobile advertising and Big Brother Steve

Yahoo!’s badmouthing big boss, Carol Bartz, may or may not be onto something. iAd, she says, “is going to fall apart for [Apple]”. Apple’s mobile advert platform, while locked into the de facto most popular mobile platform (it still is), is just that: locked in. Jobsian, draconian, whatever you want to call it, it’s got its fair share of detractors. At least it is out of the woods regarding antitrust. Google’s AdMob has shown great income potential for certain developers despite Android Marketplace’s rampant problems with porn and piracy. But back to iAd; we won’t know whether or not it is a success for a while. DaringFireball’s John Gruber tends to think we should wait a year.

Thanks Reuters