Yahoo! brings Axis web browser to iPhone and iPad

No doubt Google is king of search engines, but Yahoo is hoping that their lastest product can help reclaim a chunk of the lucrative pie. Called the Yahoo! Axis, it offers “a faster, smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews”. Basically, it take’s Google’s Instant Preview feature to the next level with a more friendly (and attractive) user interface. It works on your web browser via a plugin and on iOS as well, thanks to the release of the Yahoo! Axis app. Aside from a highly intuitive browsing experience, its main highlight is that Axis is made to work seamlessly across various platforms. So if you bookmark a particular site on your iPad, it’ll appear on your desktop and iPhone as well. Even the most recently visited page will be waiting for you as you jump from one device to the next. The web browser is free to download and so far very well received by iOS users. Check out the demo video below and see how it all works.

Yahoo! Axis - A Search Browser Yahoo!, Yahoo! Axis – A Search Browser – Free

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