The iPhone is the worst phone ever – CNET UK


Well, it’s official, the iPhone and CNET UK have taken a sudden turn for the ill. The god-like tech site digs the apps, but a few games here, and a couple of good references there aren’t enough to sway the lumbering giant into its prior, amorous love. Accordingly, there is little to like in a phone which:

  • drops calls
  • loses data
  • has horrible call quality
  • doesn’t ring
  • explodes
  • can’t sustain good battery life

The article is a good, long read and rant about why Apple’s phone ain’t the Messiah we are led to believe. As always though, the comments are the best part – users rave about how good or bad the phone is, CNET are; about how another user couldn’t pass her a-levels, etc.; but my favourite is by user¬†Flora (after the gap):

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