SpellTower update adds universal support for the iPhone

SpellTower, easily the best word game to release for iOS in recent memory, has been updated to add universal support for the iPhone. Previously only available for the iPad, this strategic word game features 4 game modes, eye pleasing visuals, game center leaderboards and achievements for you to see just how expansive your vocabulary really is. Puzzle Mode gives the game a Tetris (or even Drop7) feel to it, where bottom rows are added for every word you make. Once the blocks reach the top, it’s game over. If you’re tired of the likes of Bookworm (Review) or Abca (Review), take a closer look at SpellTower. You’d be hard pressed to find a better word game at the moment on the iDevice. The video trailer below will run you through all the game modes and how they’re played.

SpellTower Zach Gage, SpellTower, – $1.99

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Wurd in Review – Way to Improve Your Vocabulary

The gameplay in Wurd couldn’t be simpler. You’re shown a word on the screen, and you have to decide whether it’s real or fake; by tapping either the word ‘real’ or the word ‘fake’. No rocket scientists required here. There are two elements to the ‘fakes’; some words are completely made up, whereas others are simply misspellings of actual words. You’ve got to sort these out from the real, correctly spelled words.

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WordMesh 1.0 Released for iPhone and iPod touch – A Fresh New Word Game

London, UK – Nordersoft today is pleased to announce the release of WordMesh 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. WordMesh is beautifully rendered in 3D and players simply flick the letters up or down in space to solve the WordMesh, which sounds easy but even with the letters in the right order it’s harder than one would think.

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Bookworm in Review: Casual Gaming Classic

Ask me about word puzzle games for the PC/Mac and I would have to point to Bookworm as the definitive game for the genre. Taking its cue from a popular expression for a book lover, the custodian of the library, Lex the Bookwarm is an adorable cartoony worm with spectacles, keeping watch over a crazy assortment of tiled letters that must be formed into words to keep Lex happy. Feel free to discuss this review of Bookworm in our forums.

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Fishtropolis in Review – Throw it back and reel in another one.

Fishtropolis is a word game. You log in to the game (you can have five game slots in total, so if others in your household want to play, they can have their own account) and you’re then presented with a grid of letters, above which is a fish tank. The tank contains the fish corresponding to the particular level you’re on. They swim around as you match words – and that’s about it.

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Lexic in Review – s-u-b-l-i-m-e

Lexic is a perfect game for a group whom I contemn with scorn: word freaks. Nevertheless, Kieffer and Kieffer (or whomever they are) pulled out an early sucker-punch at the App Store gem of a game. The funny thing is that before buying iDevice apps, I cared nothing at all for splelling or wurds; but since February (and learning how to spell), things have slowly changed for me. Lexic is nothing short of awesome.

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Grabl in Review – A Twist On Classic Word Play


There is definitely no shortage of word puzzle games available at the App Store. However, there are typically only 2 types: building words from letters, and finding words on a board of letters. Today I got to play with Rocketmaker Productions’ Grabl which takes the standard word building game and turns it into the perfect pick up and play title. Read on to see if the result spelled success.

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Dan Deadman vs. Hangman in Review – just a little off the top


No reason to be terse about ideas2mobile‘s new app: Dan Deadman vs. Hangman, is simply a bust-up, cute, yet subtly dark and violent word game. Yes, you heard right: a violent word game. Dan Deadman is the cute — if I may apply cute to violent and gruesome death — version of that ironic kid’s game: hangman. But, this time, it is dressed up with flashy vector graphics which bloodily cover up a wealth of information.

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Updated: QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite in Review – A Mostly Productive Productivity Suite

Join the long list of people waiting for a proper Microsoft Office editing suite. Take a number. Have a seat. And maybe a coffee. Several good options have made appearance at the App Store but none are quite ready to be dubbed true Office Editors.

QuickOffice, a suite a suite comprised of Word and Excel editors, takes charge of a few great features of the iDevice and makes Office editing possible along with file sharing and creation. To attest the fact, this review has entirely been written on my iPod touch.

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