A Smart Wooden iPad 2 Cover

Just when you thought the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 couldn’t get any sexier, Holland-based company Miniot has created a similar cover that’s made of wood. Carved from a single piece of certified (cherry) wood, the Miniot Cover utilizes magnets to mimic the functionality of Apple’s Smart Cover. Flip it open to wake up the iPad, close it to put it back to sleep. And of course, you can roll it up into a cylinder for typing or watching movies. Priced at €50 (roughly $70 US), this smart wooden cover will undoubtedly turn heads and should give pause to those who plan on buying one of Apple’s own leather covers, selling for $69US.

You can order yours starting today (Mar 25th) and personal engraving is included for free. Check out the video demo after the gap.

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