Finally set iTunes wireless with Wi-Fi Sync

April 2010 – Apple has just begun shipping the iPad and announced iPhone OS 4.0. But among the 100+ new features in the next-gen OS, one is still missing – wireless syncing. While the reasons for Apple still refusing to embrace the space age and enabling our “Jesus” iDevices to finally go completely wireless are a mystery, it can be done! One Greg Hughes has just submitted a miracle app to Apple for review – Wi-Fi Sync! I have no idea how he managed it, but the app seems to work and what’s even more – it is completely done under the terms of the iPhone SDK without any use of private APIs whatsoever!

What can I say? Thank you, Mr. Greg Hughes – you’re my hero! And let’s hope the app doesn’t suffer the ill fate of Google Voice and the hundreds of apps, never approved by Apple.

iPod touch/iPhone remote app for Kleer Wireless devices


Kleer, manufacturer of true lossless wireless audio transmission technology, will release an iDevice app designed to interface with products from multiple vendors which benefit from Kleer’s wireless technology. Kleer has the advantage over the other popular wireless solution, Bluetooth, by firing a stronger, higher quality signal to receiving devices, and has unique pairing options. You can read more about Kleer VS. AD2P for the iPod touch, and in TMA’s review of the Cy-Fi Wireless sports speaker which has turned my training sessions into safe, tuneful workouts.

Press Release after the gap:

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Korean wireless internet fees to tumble 20%


Fair enough: Korean handset internet is almost unusable on the antiquated mobile browsers in this country, but that hasn’t stopped wireless carriers from taking customer’s texting fingers in the deal. Among 15 countries including UK, Canada, and the USA, Korea has the highest fees. But, that is all set to change by the end of this year in a move to lower usage costs by 20%.

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