Ping Pong in Review – An idiotic addition to a tired genre


Put away your credit cards and your cameras: there’s nothing to see here and no reason to buy tickets. Ping pong is the onomatopoetic alliteration of a ball hitting a bat in the game of table tennis. It is also a threat I sometimes hear when big blokes with garden hoses and mesh-backed hats remark,”I gonna go ping pong on yo’ apps, yeah”, and the like. People who play don’t say stuff like that. But, I’m sure that LOLriffic Stuff, maker of Ping Pong do (say stuff like that).

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Iz She Expensive in Review and in the Spotlight


Some devs are into developing app and some into brainstorming ideas. Then, there are others like TNS, who haven’t had a sober night in months. They blur the lines of spontaneity and stupidity while failing breathalyser tests and pissing on cop’s legs. Iz She Expensive? is off the charts and struggling on the floor in terms of quality and production value. Overconfident poise, however, they have by the bin.

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