“That’s a good thing” – Ballmer on Windows’ shrinking market share


Add another check-mark to the growing list of Ballmer-boners remarks. 19 November, Microsoft’s CEO placated shareholder fears regarding dismal smartphone market share by blessing them with the knowledge that Windows has a 96% share, a number which not only flies in the face of web statistics, but is incorrect in both the world-wide as well as US markets. In 2008, Windows fell to less than 90% in the USA, but has seen a modest reprisal thanks to Windows 7, an OS that has advanced the software behemoth past its dark-age roots. Still, global figures show OSX alone with 5,26%, not to mention the smaller, but quickly growing markets for Linux and other alternative operating systems. Naturally, part of a CEO’s job is to tell flattering lies, but unless Microsoft cut market segments like Jobs’ cronies cut performance figures for new Macs, Ballmer has either: A. gone outside without a bonnet, or B. been asleep for the last 5 years. Still, TMA have to give it to Microsoft for surviving the tribulations of an aped CEO who can sleep off a 6% market share drop and call it a “good thing”.

[via Apple Insider]

RDM+ in Review – Have your PC with you anywhere… even without the PC!

Has it ever happened that when you get home, or are on a customer’s site, or even on vacation and remember that one critical file you forgot to take with you, or that e-mail you forgot to send? Well, it happened to me more than once (just don’t let my boss know). Well, Shape-Services, creators of the best messaging app on the iPhone, IM+, have released RDM+ – the ultimate answer to remote desktop control anywhere, anytime, using any connection!

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Bento in Review – Manage Who You Are and What You Are. No Matter Where You Are.


With the goal of keeping it “as easy to use as your Mac”, Bento is one of the best Mac-based personal organisation and database tools available from its creator, FileMaker Inc. It boasts such features as across the board synchronization with iCal, Mail, as well as all your files and photos. Inclusion of Excel or iWork spreadsheets and a pretty stylish set of included ready-to-use templates makes it itself extremely useful on its own. Now, with the release of Bento for iPhone, all your information will be easily accessible no matter where you are.

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