Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad [Video]

Ever wondered how a Tablet powered by Windows 7 will stack up against the almighty iPad? A youtube video was uploaded recently showcasing the 10″ Hanvon Touchpad and it’s Windows 7 OS. Simple tasks like web browsing, going on youtube and Google Earth and typing an email are compared side-by-side. Surprisingly, the Hanvon tablet holds its own and Win 7 is quite responsive, giving the impression that it’s a fairly solid tablet. Of course, it’s still not an iPad, even if it does come with a camera, SD card slot, a trackpad and USB ports…

Whether an OS meant for a desktop can really compete with one specifically built for a mobile platform is another debate altogether, but shigzeo feels there really isn’t much competition.

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Why HP’s superior Slate will fail

HP’s Slate is a nice-looking product. And at least on paper, its hardware trashes the iPad. Numbers trap naive customers, but they don’t matter 2 months down the line. The Slate and Windows 7 will roll over, exhausting their momentum in a futile battle because neither company ‘get’ it: in the new wave of mobile computing, it’s all about the OS. Feel free to discuss HP’s Slate in our forums.

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Bootcamp 3.1 – updated for Windows 7

If Apple are a little slower in getting Windows 7 support up and running on their dual-booting Mac, it is hardly a surprise: Apple don’t have a positive ‘thing’ for Microsoft. Anyway, Bootcamp has been updated to do the dirty deed. But, all isn’t perfectly pretty: users must already have Windows XP or Vista SP2 installed prior to covering their computer’s shame with the decent 7.

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Windows 7: Smells better than Mac no longer!


Yup, Microsoft, embarrassed by the poor (and perhaps redundant) sod who made the mistake of mentioning that Windows 7 was designed to look and feel like the Mac, have done their darndest to retract the statement – even so far as to blog about it. If you feel embarrassed and don’t know what to do, it is best to leave it alone, or blab about it. Microsoft have taken the Oprah Winfrey way and now, everyone can investigate the real reasons why Windows 7 looks more Mac-like than ever before. You can also Google the subject which nearly everyone of purport caught the story ;).

[via Windows Steam Blog]

Windows 7 – Looks like Mac, smells better?


Giz either love/hate the Mac, but when it comes to Windows, have a nasty, juicy affair with the  most Mac-like feature of the new Windows 7, the taskbar. And, according to AppleInsider, Microsoft have admitted to building their new OS to look like a Mac. For long-time Mac users, this is no news as from the very beginning Windows has in some way tried to emulate a semblance of the usability which is found on Apple’s computers, and usually for a much higher price.

Every year Apple warn Redmond to start its photocopiers – what they did not expect is that they actually would, and to good effect.

[via AppleInsider]