White iPhone 4 available sooner than later?

It seems like the long wait for the much anticipated white iPhone 4 is finally over. Or is it? The online rumor mills certainly believe so. One of them, MacRumors recently reported that the immaculate-colored hardware is not included in the database of consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy. And they even have the screenshots to prove it. The model name and SKU posted on the Best Buy screenshot are also the same ones “cancelled” by Apple last year shortly before the latter went on to announce that the white iPhone is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release.

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17 year old teen makes $130,000 selling White iPhone 4 kits

Remember when we told you about the White iPhone 4 DIY kits that could be purchased online from a few months back? Well according to the New York Observer, 17 year old high school senior from Queens (Fei Lam) has raked in about $130,000 during the past 6 months selling these parts from his site WhiteiPhone4Now. Apparently, the youngster had a contact at Apple’s supplier Foxconn, and through a prearranged deal, these kits were being shipped directly to buyers who couldn’t wait for Apple to finally release the official White model.

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Banned White iPhone 4 Commercial [Video]

By now, you may already have heard the rumors swirling that the much-delayed (and highly desirable) White iPhone 4 has been cancelled entirely. In light of these rumblings, JLE Productions has created another “Banned” iPhone commercial, this time obviously targeting the White model that may never see the light of day.

“If you waited for the white iPhone, you’re an idiot. You’re a stupid human being who has waited 5 months for a phone that’s a different color. That you’re just gonna put a cover on anyways. So… you’re a fool. In fact, why don’t you go get an EVO or something? Or a Droid…2. They apparently does.“

Take a look at this latest iPhone parody after the break. And to all those still holding out for for the white iPhone 4, just get the bloody thing already. As Darnell Johnson wisely said in the video, “Once you go black, you never go back…”.

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White iPhone 4 decked out with Diamonds, costs only $20,000

So you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of buying some DIY parts online to make your own white iPhone 4…but you do have about 20 grand under your mattress eh? Stuart Hughes, a jeweler known for turning some of the latest and hottest gadgets into serious blings, is selling 50 iPhone 4s decked out with “6.5 carats of VVS quality, F-color diamonds”, along with a “free” carry case made from ostrich foot. Oh, it’s also unlocked, so you can say goodbye to AT&T. And if the combination of diamonds and gadgets whets your appetite, perhaps you should take a good look at Stuart’s other work of art, a £129,995 solid gold plated and diamond encrusted iPad.

Takers anyone?

[via Mashable]

White iPhone 4 NOW with DIY Kit

Can’t wait for Apple to release the coveted white iPhone 4 and ballsy enough to crack yours open? This may be an option for you. Engadget recently purchased some iPhone 4 parts from an online seller in China (either the seller has close ties with someone in Foxconn or the parts are of the “fell off the truck” variety – though I’m guessing the former) and assembled the components themselves.

We’ll be honest with you: dissecting a brand new toy isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience in the world. Even with a brilliant teardown guide, there’ll always be somewhere that requires super delicate fiddling. For instance, we struggled with removing the battery and the front cover due to some nasty double-sided tape, so we had to poke around extra carefully to avoid any damage. At one point, we spent about 20 minutes wondering why the logic board wouldn’t go back in, only to realize that a well-disguised screw was in the way. Other than that, we’d say this was a pretty straightforward mod (so long as you keep track of all your screws, of course).

If ifixit’s teardown guide doesn’t scare you off and ponying up some cash for white replacement parts isn’t an issue, you could soon be one proud owner of a white iPhone 4. As for the parts, it appears that the site WhiteiPhone4Now is selling the entire kit for $229. And for an extra $54, BrokeMyiPhone will even put it all together for you. My advice? Save your money and just wait for the official model to release. Then again, I’m not a huge fan of the all white iPhone anyway, so what do I know?

[via Engadget]