WhatsApp Messenger Free for Limited Time

WhatsApp (TMA Review), one of the most popular messenger apps for the iPhone, has dropped in price to free (previously $0.99). For those of you not familiar, here’s a quick rundown courtesy of iTunes:

WhatsApp messenger is a cross platform smartphone messenger currently available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages at no cost. All features are included without the need for extra in-application purchases.

Aside from the features and the fact that it doesn’t cost you a dime to send/receive messages, the best part about the app is that a good number of iOS users are already on it; in fact, you’d be surprised at how many of your friends are whatsappin’ once you get set up (which takes a minute or so). No word on how long the freebie will last until, so be sure to grab it while the deal’s still on.

WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp, WhatsApp Messenger (TMA Review), 6.5 MB – Free

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WhatsApp Messenger in Review – fab for iPhone friends!

WhatsApp Messenger was one of the first apps I purchased when I got my iPhone. Given how my iPhone tariff doesn’t have as many text messages included as my previous one (500 as opposed to 1,000), I thought it would be a good idea to research ways to contact my friends and family without exceeding my SMS allowance. After digging around, looking at prices and reading reviews .WhatsApp Messenger seemed to be the best option. Costing just 59p in the UK App Store, WhatsApp Messenger is basically an IM program, but also works perfectly well in place of text messaging.

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