WeeMee Avatar Creator in Review – amazingly creative avatar creator!

Everybody uses avatars. Whether you IM, troll forums, or even comment on this review, social networking avatars are everywhere. That little image is your greeting to the world. For some, avatars are just small images of their real selves, for others they are used to show their love or support for various things. Whatever the case may be, we all use them – that is unless you want to blend into the background. The WeeMee Avatar Creator that we announced in February is a great avatar creator that’s been getting some much-deserved attention.

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WeeMee Avatar Creator – say goodbye to kites and frogs

Is this app as cool-looking as paintingWalls? Hard to say. But after a little tinkering around WeeWorld’s virtual styling app, your avatar will look cooler than any mauve wall will. WeeMee Avatar Creator puts thousands of creative points in your hand to tailor that special MiniYou. You can view, export, and edit WeeMee’s at any time and even integrate them into your device’s address book for fun, cartoony calls.

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator – $0.99

Piccies and more after the gap:

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