Yahoo! brings Axis web browser to iPhone and iPad

No doubt Google is king of search engines, but Yahoo is hoping that their lastest product can help reclaim a chunk of the lucrative pie. Called the Yahoo! Axis, it offers “a faster, smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews”. Basically, it take’s Google’s Instant Preview feature to the next level with a more friendly (and attractive) user interface. It works on your web browser via a plugin and on iOS as well, thanks to the release of the Yahoo! Axis app. Aside from a highly intuitive browsing experience, its main highlight is that Axis is made to work seamlessly across various platforms. So if you bookmark a particular site on your iPad, it’ll appear on your desktop and iPhone as well. Even the most recently visited page will be waiting for you as you jump from one device to the next. The web browser is free to download and so far very well received by iOS users. Check out the demo video below and see how it all works.

Yahoo! Axis - A Search Browser Yahoo!, Yahoo! Axis – A Search Browser – Free

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Apollo Browser + IM updated with Chrome/Firefox sync and more

ApolloBrowser+IM, one of the more useful Safari alternatives on iOS, has now added Chrome and Firefox sync to its number of features. With the new sync abilities, you can leave your desktop and pickup where you left off on your iPhone/iPad – bookmarks, tabs and browser history will appear within Apollo. To enable sync though, you do have to carry out two steps beforehand: Install Firefox Sync and/or Chrome Sync apps on your iDevice, as well as the desktop extensions for Firefox and Chrome. All the data are stored using Google Docs, so your google password isn’t sent to or saved by the developer. Even if accessing your bookmarks and tabs aren’t essential on the go, Apollo does offer nifty features like video pop out (watch a video and continue visiting other webpages at the same time), two panel Google Reader functionality, tabbed browsing, adblock and of course, Facebook Chat. For the price of Free, Apollo is certainly worth checking out. Video demo of the app in action after the break.

ApolloBrowser+IM Apollo, ApolloBrowser+IM, – Free

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Change the way you browse the web on the iPhone with Portal – Full Screen Browser

Every once in a while, I’ll come across an app in my TMA inbox that stands out from the crowd – either by way of features or uniqueness. One example was GestureMatic, an app that allows you to perform various functions via user-created gestures. And most recently, I came across a 3rd party Web Browser app that’s unlike anything we’ve experienced before on the iDevice — Portal. Using a unique “Portal” button at the bottom of the screen, you tap on it to bring up a 1st gen like iPod click wheel interface, where you can then perform all the actions you’re used to on Mobile Safari…and a whole lot more.

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Skyfire Web Browser In Review – Flash on the iPhone now a Reality

If you’re lucky like me (and the many other App Store lurkers) you were able to get your hands on Skyfire during its initial launch day. Claiming to be able to play just about any flash video, it was anticipated by just about everyone with an iDevice. Unfortunately, due to a massive surge of users, SkyFire’s servers crashed and the app was pulled from the App Store within 5 hours of release. The good news is that the app is now back (currently US only), and will continue to be re-released in batches in other countries. Let’s take a look and see if flash video is ready for prime time on the iPhone.

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Opera Mini faster than Mobile Safari, submitted to Apple for Approval

Opera baby!

Opera have announced earlier today that their popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has been submitted to Apple’s App Store for approval. Already used in over 50 million mobile phones around the world, Opera are hoping that their speedy and reliable browser will find a home on your iDevice. It appears that Opera Mini is significantly faster than Mobile Safari, which can only help save you time and money (less data usage). From Opera’s press release:

Early reviews of Opera Mini for iPhone praised the sheer browsing speed, powering through Web pages up to six times faster than Safari. Due to server-side rendering, Opera Mini compresses data by up to 90 percent before sending it to the phone, resulting in rapid page loading and more Web per MB for the end user. Those familiar with iPhone roaming charges will relish Opera Mini’s ability to deliver more for less, giving users the Web they want quickly, without, the high costs.

Whether it actually gets the thumbs up from Apple is entirely another matter. We’ve seen Apple rejecting apps on the basis that they duplicate the core functionality of the iPhone. That said though, there are already plenty of 3rd party browsers available at the App Store. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Apple elect to do. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to test drive this sweet browser in the coming days. An excellent speed comparison video between Opera and Safari on the iPhone after the break.

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iDroid Mini Browser – A sleek, and currently free Safari alternative

Lately web-browsing apps have surged in the AppStore. While browsers such as Opera, and Mozilla will never see the light of day, there are good alternatives on the AppStore that offer some similar features. iDroid Mini Browser is one.

iDroid Mini Browser karzy, iDroid Mini Browser – Free (for a limited time)

More after the gap:

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First Look at iBlueAngel – Magic Web Browser


This past week, Apple let through another genre of apps that were previously off limits to the App Store: Web Browsers. While the majority of them are either one trick ponies or serve a more specific purpose (hiding your surfing tracks in Incognito), I had a chance to test out iBlueAngel, a web browsing app that attempts to rise above the competition. It is easily the most fully featured of its kind at the moment, with features that include copy and paste, tabbed browsing and even the ability to save current pages for offline viewing.

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Incognito – Hide your Naughty iPhone Safari Habits (Porn) while you Surf

incognito1Project4Pros has just released an anonymous web browser for the iPhone/iPod Touch. For those who have a habit of covering their surfing tracks (maybe you don’t want your girlfriend to know you are secretly ordering her a dozen roses for no good reason or are simply browsing for engagement rings…rrrright) by constantly clearing Mobile Safari’s history, then you may find Incognito rather handy.
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