Vlingo In Review – Voice To Text On Steroids!

Voice to text is far from new technology. The ability to speak into your phone and tell it to call a specific person has been around for quite sometime. Unfortunately, that’s really been about all you could do till now. With recent improvements to everyone’s favorite iDevice, we found ourselves able to launch/control other features of the phone but even that was just a marginal improvement.  Taking the next step in voice-to-text evolution, vlingo corporation offer more than just s sonorous name in their latest update of Vlingo, they offer email and SMS paste, too! Feel free to discuss this review of Vlingo in our forums.

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vlingo – All Around Voice Recognition App?

vlingo, a multipurpose Voice Recognition app for the iPhone, didn’t receive nearly the same amount of fanfare compared to Google’s own Mobile Voice app as both were released around the same time. While this maybe the case, vlingo is certainly no push over in the field of speech recognition. Already a very popular and useful app for the Blackberry, vlingo is like a Swiss Army knife for the iPhone. Not only does it search through your contact list to call via voice command, it also searches Google or Yahoo for queries, look up and map local listings and even updates your status on Facebook and Twitter.

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Google Voice App now available

This past weekend, I had written a post about the delay of the new Google Mobile App. Well after a 4 day delay, this voice recognition tool has finally made it to the App Store. So was it worth the wait? Most definitely. Along with a voice search function, this updated app also includes a rearrangable apps tab for all your google apps, making it easier to find your favorites. Location awareness is also now built in, which will automatically include your current location into searches.

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A look at Say Who – Voice Dialing for your iPhone

Voice Dialing is one of the more useful features missing from the iPhone. Users therefore have been turning to the App Store for a voice dialing app that is both reasonably priced and accurate at the same time.  Perhaps one of the most popular ones at the moment is Say Who, a free app that works reasonably well. The simple interface works well especially when you are trying to make a call while driving. Once the app starts, you can press down anywhere on the screen and say your contact’s name. Say Who will accept first and/or last names, nicknames as well as digits of the contact. When a contact is found, the default setting of AutoDial will automatically connect you to the first of the results found in about 3 seconds. Turning AutoDial off will allow you to choose which of the returned contacts you want to dial.

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New Google Speech Recognition App delayed by Apple?

Google was set to release what could very well be one of the most useful apps for the iPhone, a speech recognition tool that would return search results simply based on your speech. Say “movie showtimes” and based on your location, the app will return results of movies closest to you. Basically, instead of typing what you want searched, just say it. It’s that simple. Another cool feature of this updated Google Mobile App is that it uses the iPhone accelerometer. So when the phone is raised to the user’s ear, it will go into “listen” mode.

The supposed release date was set for November 14. Now a day later and still no sight of it at the App Store, there are rumors that Apple may possibly be delaying its release or even blocking it for some reason of their own. Are they planning on releasing their own version of speech recognition? Of course, it is way too early to say for sure what Apple’s plans are for Google’s product, if any at all. Hopefully, the app will be released any minute now so we can all search with our voice, and not just our fingers.

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