Vocal for iPhone lets you control your Mac vocally

Vocal, the newly released app for the iPhone, lets you control your Mac via voice commands. When used on an iPhone 4S and free Mac client, you can tell your iMac or Macbook to do things like open iTunes, send a tweet, print a page and even search amazon for a specific book.

Vocal lets you send commands and dictate straight to your Mac!
Using the voice recognition feature on the iPhone 4S (and manual text entry on other devices), you can navigate and use your computer using just your voice.

Vocal can control any application on your computer through command recognition, and uses a powerful system called Vocal Chords to do so. Want a new command added? Just send us a message and we’ll add that command instantly, over the air, to Vocal for Mac.

Vocal sells for $1.99 and it should be noted that voice commands only work on the iPhone 4S. If used with any another iDevice, the app will still work, though you’ll have to manually type out the commands instead of using your voice. Check out the demo video made by developer Matthew Roberts after the break.

Vocal - Vocally control your computer Matthew Roberts, Vocal – Vocally control your computer, – $1.99

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