How to watch Apple’s Sept 1 Event on Windows/Linux

If you are stuck on Windows, or enjoying the true freedom Linux offers, you have an unfortunate quandary ahead: how do I watch Apple’s Sept 1 Event? It’s supposed to be OSX/iDevice only! Have no fear.  Just download the free VLC player, open a network stream, and paste the following line of text in the open field: If you want to check if everything is working alright, open this Apple HTTP Live Streaming dev link in iOS/OSX/Safari.

Currently, this workaround playlist file links to a projector calibration screen, but I assume (don’t assume) that as the show starts, you’ll be able to watch. MacRumors reckon that the action may be choppy, but what else can you expect? Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming is merely a proposed open standard. It has been adopted a very few companies at the moment.

This method isn’t foolproof, but it should help a lot of users through a jerky presentation. Remember, if you have Safari and OSX, head to to watch the event in real time.

TY: MacRumors

Alternatives to VLC on the Mac


VLC’s Mac port has been suffering for a while. Little to no development has left that side of the project stagnating. Many Mac blogs are circulating this story, crying about VLC’s imminent demise. But not all is doom and gloom. There are always some alternatives, and no, I’m not talking about Perian. Here’s a list of a few apps which you could use to replace the bloated old VLC.

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