Vital Signs Camera by Philips lets you check your heart rate with an iPad 2

From battery monitor to playing doctor, Philips’ newly released Vital Signs Camera app lets users remotely check their heart rate and breathing rate via the camera of the iPad 2. That’s right, no extra monitoring equipment or accessories are required. Simply set the iPad 2 on a table, get in position and the app does the rest. Your heart rate will be measured by the small color changes on your face (what Philips calls “micro-blushes”), where as breathing rate is calculated based on the motion of your chest. The results can then be shared online via Twitter, Facebook or email. More for kicks than anything (so don’t expect the app to replace a visit to your docs’ office), Vital Signs will set you back a buck, and don’t forget that you actually need the iPad 2 to run it. Check out the demo video after the break.

Vital Signs Camera - Philips Philips Innovation, Vital Signs Camera – Philips, – $0.99

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