The JBnator Diaries – How to free 70MB RAM on 2G/3G iPhones

As I promised in my iDevice overclocking article, I will tell you how to free RAM on your Jesus device. As most of you probably know limited RAM is THE iDevices most limiting factor today and the reason for most app crashes. The iPhone OS tracks the amount of free memory available and starts killing off background apps when it gets low (remember, even on the the OS 3.0 Apple’s stock apps like Mail, Safari and iPod still support backgrounding out of the box). If the memory still gets under a certain threshold the OS kills the running app as well.

Well, the jailbreaking community has an answer to this, as it turns out. And the funny thing is – it is an age old technology, present in the desktop OSs for years. I’m talking of course about Virtual Memory.

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A Look at Memory Status – Memory Watcher for your iPhone

memorystatus1I am sure we have all experienced slow downs and crashes while using the iPhone or iPod Touch. It could have happened while surfing the web with Mobile Safari or playing that sweet looking but resource hogging game. Regardless of where and when it happens, there is no doubt users feel the frustration with every crash. Enter Memory Status, a fairly simple memory management utility that displays where the iPhone’s resources are being allocated as well as allow users to free up more virtual memory.

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