Youtube app now optimized for iPad and iPhone 5

Shortly after Google added the ability to setup multiple accounts to the official Gmail app, their standalone YouTube app for iOS was also updated with support for the iPad and iPhone 5. Now users can comfortably get their YouTube fix on the iPad or iPad mini and iPhone 5. About time too as it’s been almost 3 months since it was first released and users had to resort to other apps like Jasmine (a great app itself) or mobile Safari while browsing through videos on the iPad or latest iPhone. Other new features in the update include AirPlay support, adding and removing videos from your playlists, clickable links in video descriptions and improved accessibility with VoiceOver.

YouTube Google, YouTube – Free

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iPad survives 100,000 feet fall from outer space

No doubt we’ve all worried about accidentally dropping our iPads whilst using it. But rest assured, it’s a whole lot more resistant  to sudden impacts – at least that’s what G-Form wants you to believe. Promoting their  Extreme Edge protector for the iPad, G-Form drops the iTablet from 100,000 feet up to see if the device can survive the extreme drop. Surprisingly, the iPad’s still in pretty good shape, and more importantly, it continues to work after the free fall.


Blackberry Playbook vs iPad Browser Test [Video]

Blackberry has posted a video of a side-by-side comparison of their upcoming Playbook tablet with the almighty (albeit flashless) iPad. Aspects that are highlighted include browser rendering speed, flash support and HTML 5 performance. From the demo video, it’s pretty evident that the Playbook out performs the iPad in all the aforementioned tests. That said though, let’s not forget that Blackberry’s 7″ tablet won’t be released until the spring of 2011 and the iPad is already 7 months old. By the time the Playbook does hit the market, the second gen iPad should be right around the corner as well. Video after the gap.

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What’s the hottest Smartphone on the market right now? Let’s grill ’em to find out!

So far we’ve seen an iPhone get blended to bits and microwaved into oblivion…but grilled to the bone? As one of the latest videos to go viral, EZ Grill has decided to test their “As Seen on TV” product out and see which Smartphone (Android G2, HTC Surround and an iPhone 4) cooks fastest. I’ll give you a hint – it ain’t the iPhone. Funny enough, I saw that same “Temperature” warning on my iPhone 4 after leaving it in my front pocket for a good hour or two. (I kid, I kid)

Banned White iPhone 4 Commercial [Video]

By now, you may already have heard the rumors swirling that the much-delayed (and highly desirable) White iPhone 4 has been cancelled entirely. In light of these rumblings, JLE Productions has created another “Banned” iPhone commercial, this time obviously targeting the White model that may never see the light of day.

“If you waited for the white iPhone, you’re an idiot. You’re a stupid human being who has waited 5 months for a phone that’s a different color. That you’re just gonna put a cover on anyways. So… you’re a fool. In fact, why don’t you go get an EVO or something? Or a Droid…2. They apparently does.“

Take a look at this latest iPhone parody after the break. And to all those still holding out for for the white iPhone 4, just get the bloody thing already. As Darnell Johnson wisely said in the video, “Once you go black, you never go back…”.

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The 3GS goes for a drive; nearly swallows fire, takes videos to prove it

Of course it has been done before, but this time, the newfangled iPhone is duct-taped and twined in for a bumpy ride attached to the front of a car. The nearly 3-minute video footage shows clearly that the 3GS has some quality recording capabilities under its hood and that the blogger who took the video is a creative bloke.

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