Dorkly’s Angry Birds Strategy [Video]

Ever wondered why those slimy green Pigs in Angry Birds are hoarding all those bird eggs? Does that even make sense? Well, Dorkly has recently posted a hilarious video that attempts to give us an insight as to why those bloody birds don’t just fly and reason behind the egg stealin’. It’s even more funny that the last Angry Birds Peace Treaty video. If you want a good laugh, check out the full clip after the gap.

Thanks to our friends over at KRAPPS for spotting this one!

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North Point’s “iBand” performs Christmas tunes with iPhones and iPads [Video]

Is not likely that you’ve ever seen a Christmas Carol performance as cool as this one. Thanks to the “iBand” from North Point’s Community Church and a bunch of iPhones and iPads, we’re treated to some awesome renditions of 3 classic Christmas tunes. This from Reid Greven, Associate Music Director of iBand:

Jared arranged “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Feliz Navidad” using the apps, and creating a demo by multitracking them in Apple’s Logic software (though any Digital Audio Workstation would do the trick).

Jared, Eddie Kirkland and I arranged the first song, “Carol of the Bells“. It’s amazing what you come up with when you sit in a room, hook 3 iPhones up to some speakers, and get adventurous!

In case you’re wondering, apps that were used in the performance include: SoundGrid, NLog Free Synth, Melody Bell, Guitarist, iGOG: Massive Drums and Bassist. And this is not the first time we’ve seen musicians use iDevices as instruments. Rock group Atomic Tom recently performed “live” on the NYC subway with their iPhones. Be sure to check out iBand’s viral video after the cut. It’ll certainly help you get into the Christmas Spirit.

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Make Love, Not War…Angry Birds Peace Treaty [Video]

Ah, these Angry Birds, always makin’ war with the adorably green and evil pigs. Will there ever be peace in Avian land? Eretz Nehederet, an Israeli comedy show (“A Wonderful Country” in English), has put together a splendid 2:30 min video and given us a glimpse of what could transpire if the UN is able to bring both parties together in an attempt to put an end to all the hatred and differences. The video has since gone viral — with 1.8m views thus far on Youtube — and it’s certainly worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of the hit game. Want to know if the birds and pigs will live happily ever after? Find out below!

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Wedding Proposal filmed using “Hidden” iPhones

Take a look at this heart warming video of one fella’s proposal to his girlfriend. Using his mates to help out, the romantic affair went down with with the help of some trusty iPhones and a band playing Ben E King’s classic “Stand By Me”.

On October 24, 2010, Frank proposed to his girlfriend Kasey. He asked his geeky friends to help him pull off an elaborate surprise proposal in New York City’s Central Park. Hidden cameras were synced with special iPhone apps so the entire event could be watched from a safe distance. Kasey was lured to a specific location by a friend, who was in on the whole surprise. It was a totally awesome proposal and Kasey said “yes”.

Now while the video is indeed pretty cool (and 110% geeky), there are those out there [see CNET] who feel the proposal is nothing but a viral ad campaign. Regardless, I’m sure all you hopeless romantics are secretly hoping that it’s the real deal.

[Thanks RazorianFly]

Death Grip issue finally solved with the release of Air Phone No 4

Ok, we know that the Chinese are a crafty bunch; literaly days after the Gizmodo iPhone 4 leak you could get almost an exact replica of it in China. Now that the iPhone 4 has been available officially for a few months, the quality of the fakes was bound to get even better. But how much better I couldn’t have guessed until I saw this excellent video review of China’s latest grab at the cell phone market – the Air Phone No 4.

This miracle of modern technology addresses almost all complains about the original iPhone 4, including a plastic rim – hence no deathgrip issues – as well as support for two sim cards, replaceable batteries and support for flash cards.

Video and tech specs after the gap.

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Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad [Video]

Ever wondered how a Tablet powered by Windows 7 will stack up against the almighty iPad? A youtube video was uploaded recently showcasing the 10″ Hanvon Touchpad and it’s Windows 7 OS. Simple tasks like web browsing, going on youtube and Google Earth and typing an email are compared side-by-side. Surprisingly, the Hanvon tablet holds its own and Win 7 is quite responsive, giving the impression that it’s a fairly solid tablet. Of course, it’s still not an iPad, even if it does come with a camera, SD card slot, a trackpad and USB ports…

Whether an OS meant for a desktop can really compete with one specifically built for a mobile platform is another debate altogether, but shigzeo feels there really isn’t much competition.

Full video after the break!

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Kindle for iOS gets audio and video

Amazon's audio/video eBook selection

God bless Amazon and God bless books. Having conquered one-click home shopping and set the stage for quality eBook readers, Amazon have augmented Kindle for iOS with audio and video features despite Apple’s attacks. AppleInsider note that many old titles such as “Les Miserables” have received loving digital audio/video shots in the arm. Augmented titles can be licensed starting at 9.99$ and are ‘yours’ to keep an eye on and never lend, loan, or show anyone else, ever.

You can get started at Amazon’s audio/video book selection.

iPad’s video output – why VGA?

The iPad is quite a spitter. Its 30-pin port not only spits analogue audio (and digital outputs), it sports a very classy, very ancient VGA output. The adapter necessary to hook the unit to VGA won’t work on current iDevice hardware which isn’t configured to support it. Rather, the VGA output is primarily for hooking the device up to video projectors. Imagine leaving the lappy home for business meetings. Imagine hooking this badboy up to a home projector for gaming – not a bad bit of kit for road-business warriors.

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Shrek Kart – Trust me, “You drive like an ogre!” just ain’t Politically Correct no more

I won’t get religious here, but Mario may have saved my life several times over. Seriously. Had I not been playing Super Mario Kart in 1994, I would have taken the long road home and been hit by a bus which, on the very corner which I always stopped to drain… (nevermind), careened out of control, killing its entire passenger load. That night, when 39 chickens didn’t arrive safely home, old farmer Johnson was in a sad fuss, but at least I was okay and till this day, I hold a good respect for the master Italian plumber. That is, until I happened upon this video a couple of days ago!

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