Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes in Review – Some Things Are Better Off Unseen


Back in the good ol’ jailbreaking days of firmware 1.1.1, the iPod touch was my main source of media entertainment. 2 years later I have given up jailbreaking but I’m constantly reminded of the apps that made jailbreaking worthwhile. One of these apps was PocketTouch, which allowed you to blindly control music without using the Music app. Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes snuck into the App Store beneath everybody’s radar. I’d not heard of it before and no one really talks about it – I wonder why?

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App Treasures Independent Label Borne Today, In The Year of Our Lord, 2009, 4 June


1081 AD, Alexios I Komnenos was crowned Byzantine Emperor. In 1814, Napolean reneges his throne for the first time. And, in 2009, App Treasures, born from 5 independent developers gulps in its first hurried breaths. App Treasures are a hand-picked collection of top quality games for our beloved iDevice including our current Clan Wars competition, Imangi!

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5 Developers = 1 amazing price

5fingersbundle1What do you get when 5 well received independent developers get together and play a round or two of texas holdem’ poker? A bundled 5-in-1 game of course!

All five of us are independent developers. Together, we have created a first for the iPhone. Nobody has released a games bundle before, but we’re not just filling a gap. We put five of the most popular iPhone games of all time together, and dropped the price to levels that we can not repeat. This bundle is a bargain. It might be our mistake. Don’t let it be yours.

According to the 5fingersbundle website, the Five Fingers Game Bundle is only available at the the App Store for a limited time. This first of its kind collaboration is between Majic Jungle Software – Chopper, Warhorse Games – Blackbeard’s Assault, Antair Corporation – Sneezies, IMS – BurnBall, and Veiled Games – Up There.  This 5-in-1 combo can be had for only $4.99, which is a great deal considering if purchased separately, it would set you back $10.95. Aside from the price factor, the games are pretty good to boot, making this an even sweeter deal. If you’ve yet to try these popular games out, now would be the perfect time to grab it in one neat package. [5 Fingers Games Bundle, $4.99] Check out the video VeiledGames have put up after the break.

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