Data Usage In Review – Monitoring Your kB,mB,gB Easily!

Monitoring your data usage is one of those mundane things that most people just overlook. It’s boring, tedious and if you’re like me you have enough things to worry about in a day without adding yet another. Thankfully, sigterm has come out with Data Usage for your iPhone, a quick and easy monitoring tool to help track all your data usage with minimal effort.

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Service Alarm In Review – Sussing signal for your iPhone

We’ve all heard about the iPhone 4’s reception issues. Although that specific scenario is a result of the now known “death grip”, signal issues can still arise on any phone all on their own. I travel a fair bit and anyone that visits rural areas knows that sometimes you can spend forever just trying to catch a signal. Thanks to Synzian’s Service Alarm, your phone can let you know when you’ve got a good signal.
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100 Requisite Appstore Apps for the Web Designer and Developer


For web professionals of all varieties, your iPhone may indeed be one of the most important tool you have to staying connected both with your clients and with your work. I could give anecdotal evidence of this by mentioning a certain young Mr. Read who has helped out TMA greatly. In fact, I could mention that he slings his iPod Touch on his hip like the cowboys of old did their guns. But, I won’t. I will just delicately touch on the fact that connection and prioritising are two extremely important aspects for both the up and coming developer and the more established web warrior.

Two of the most commonly used are OmniFocus and Bentou.
The Omni Group, Omnifocus, 19.99$, 1.6MB

FileMaker Inc., Bentou, 4.99$, 3.0MB

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