AlarmTunes in Review – Kicking the Robot


If there’s anything worth getting dressed for in the morning, it is a new way to wake up. Chances are that you have wedged yourself into a rut, listening to the same alarm every morning and vowing that someday, you will toss it out the window. Well, AlarmTunes is a new app that will wake you up from the dreary night with the pizzaz that radiates from your own music. I’ll say it here, for 99 cents, it makes the drudgery of stuffing yourself into pants worthwhile.

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9-Toolbox in Review – Convenience at its best

9toolbox1Rather than calling 9-Toolbox “an” app, I would consider this a collection of apps; grouped together into one icon on the Home Screen of my iDevice, and allowing me to access nine different applications, all with different functionalities.

I kind of like this idea a lot; I really hate to have to search through many pages on my Home Screen to look for that particular app (although this will change with iPhone OS 3.0, but in the meantime it’s a pain). I now know that I only need to look for this particular app, and I can have access to “eight” useful utilities.

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Encrypto in Review – Protecting your Photos from International Spies & Nosey Friends

encrypto1Ever been on a Top Secret Covert Operation behind enemy lines where you are  just moments from being captured by a brutal enemy who will stop at nothing to get photos of your wife and kids that you have strategically placed on your iPhone or iPod Touch? With so many of us having been in this position at one time or another, I believe we’ve all had the same thought cross our minds: “I wish there was an application I could use to protect those I love at this very moment.” Worry no longer. That application is here; your family and friends will always be safe thanks to Readdle.

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Japanese Beauties – Ukiyo-e and Japanese Art Calendar from Appliya

From the company who brought us the Evangelion app suite that is deeply steeped in fan lore, a pair of historical art applications debuted early this Month. Appliya exhibit Ukiyo-e Beauties and Japanese Art Calendar which each draw inspiration from Japan’s methodical, alluring past: the wood-block print. Appilaya file these apps as utilities, but they would equally fit in as education or reference.

Their unique pairing of apps in the App Store for fans of anime and now Japanese art is a service to aficionados of both visual genres. Ukiyo-e Beauties’ spectacular images can be used to contruct personal calendars with the Japanese Art Calendar utility.
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OrbLive in Review – Live TV on your iPhone/iPod Touch

orblive1We’re always looking for more cool and fun things to do with our iPhone. I think I’ve found my latest fix for my iPhone addiction – live streaming TV. That is what OrbLive 2.0 for iPhone does. The makers of the popular streaming software have brought the experience to the most popular mobile device on the market.

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MemoryInfo w Free Memory in Review – It Does What It Says



I enjoy Apps that get straight to the point. This one in particular tells you exactly what it is and what it does in its name. It’s straight forward, no nonsense that we need in these deep and financially murky times. MemoryInfo w/ Free Memory gives you info about your iDevice’s memory and allows you to free memory. It’s just that simple.

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SaveMyDocs in Review – An Interesting Solution

savemydocs1If you’re one of those brain sucked zombies that views the iDevice platform as religious zealots do, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. It is complete. It is whole.

If you are of more sober mind and thought, you realize that while it is an amazing system that has pushed the limits of mobile devices, there is still much to be desired. Things such as cut-and-paste and the lack of flash animation while browsing are things that need to be addressed. One other issue is the inability to download files from your safari browser. This is where SaveMyDocs comes in.

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iPhone, the next Snooper Super Sniper


The real AppSniper

Just in case your iPhone suffers infiltration (Today’s E90 report), there are deadly weapons of revenge at your disposal.  The first and safest option is to rollback to Apple Firmware until the the smoke settles and the digital fugitives are either caught or sentenced retirement with former President Bush.  The second option is to take revenge with a little sniping of your own.

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