E! Online is ready for the Oscars – are you?

In the spirit of glam and plastic surgery, support for the Oscars has come to E! Entertainment’s popular E! Online iPhone app. Version 1.1.1 gives fans new and interactive ways to engage their favourite stars and gossip with that special Oscar flare. Remember to suss your Oscars for a chance to win 1$ Million dollars thanks to Bite Interactive’s Red Carpet.

E! Online E! Entertainment Television, Inc., E! Online – Free

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ReaddleDocs 2.1 update – DropBox and GoogleDocs support added

The already impressive ReaddleDocs got a huge update last week, garnering it an even more laudable feature set. It has always been a benchmark app which transformers your iDevice into a wireless flash device for native viewing of an impressive array of filetypes. 2.1 brings donwload/upload support for GoogleDocs and DropBox. Yep, it’s pretty much a pocketknife for reading applications and comes well-recommended by TouchMyApps.

New features:
– Browser: clear history, “return to browsing” button, open bookmarks from main page
– Saving Web Archives (complete pages with images)
Embedded browser is only available when safari is enabled in “Parental controls”

Bug fixes:
– improved stability for POP3/IMAP transfers
– fixed issues with WebDAV client
– line breaks in text editor are shown correctly
– stability and interface fixes in PDF viewers
– minor interface improvements

ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) Readdle, ReaddleDocs (documents/attachments viewer and file manager) – $4.99

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PocketMoney Updated – Charts, Themes, Receipt photos and more!

My favourite personal finance app and simply one of the best ones out there in the App Store has just received a MAJOR update. With the release of PocketMoney 3.0, Catamount Software have added tons of new features. Even the previous version earned a Kiss It rating in my review and with the latest release it’s simply a crime not to pick it up. Granted, the major updates – Themes, Receipt Photos and Built-in Charts are available as in-app purchases for $0.99, $0.99 and $2.99 respectively, but still – there are lots of features that are available for free. More info after the gap.

PocketMoney - checkbook, budgets, expenses Catamount Software, PocketMoney – checkbook, budgets, expenses – $1.99 ( New Years Sale 60% off)

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Stranded! – now without a phone!


It has been quite some time since I reviewed Stranded! I quite liked the game, though I felt a number of features were missing and that it could use some more polish. Well, it seems the devs heard my plea. Today checking my iTunes account I was quite surprised to find the game updated to version 1.2 and even rebranded to Stranded Without A Phone. What did they do to warrant such a change – well – they have really gone all out and implemented literally a ton of new features – hunting, autosearch, new item combinations and more. Personally I think they would even warrant a 2.0 release. And they’re still selling the game for the measly $1.99!

It’s nice to see devs working hard on their games even after they are released. Unfortunately most think that as soon as their product makes it to the App Store, the only things that require additional work are bug fixes. You can get the game using the link below or check for a full list of new features after the gap.

Gilligames, Stranded Without A Phone, 7.4MB, $1.99
Stranded Without A Phone

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Apple Pre-empts Palm with iTunes update (part 12)


Nothing to see here: Apple’s newly released iTunes 9.0.2 update handily ousts the Pre back to Palm. Time and time again, Palm have gained backdoor access via hotwired USB routes to iTunes, tricking Apple’s media software into syncing the Pre as an iPod. And time and time again, their efforts have been stymied by a protective (and fully within-its-rights) Apple.

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Quickword on Sale for the first 1000 customers!


Quickoffice, Inc., have reduced Quickword’s price from 12.99$ to 4.99$ for the first 1000 customers. The productivity suite has overcome inherent iPhone OS obstacles to debut cut/copy/paste before the trinity’s debut in Apple’s own OS 3.0. We paid special attention to Quickword  in our review of Quickoffice and later, expounded some differences between the initial release and subsequent updates.

Quickoffice, Quick Word, 4.99$, 4.5MB
Quickword®  ON SALE! (Documents, Email, & WiFi)

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Zenonia Update 1.1 – Tweaks aplenty


If you are a fan of the hugely popular Zenonia, you will undoubtedly enjoy the 1.1 update which was just released yesterday. As testament to the RPG’s popularity, there is already a growing number of reviews for the update at the App Store that praise the game and its much-needed updates. Check out Young’s great review of Zenonia if you have not had a chance to play yet and our interview with a Gamevil assasin. Of course I am already tooling around the world listening to Armin van Buuren rather than the somewhat repetitive tunes of Zenonia’s world thanks to their BGM updates and iTunes playback, but some of the other updates are just as good.

  • D-Pad Control updated (wider touch area and transparencies added)
  • Inventory navigation improved
  • Sound – optional BGM on/off and playback of iTunes content
  • Balancing durability/hunger time adjusted
  • Typos and minor glitches

Gamevil, Zenonia, 5.99$, 9.5MB

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Firemint’s Flight Control gets 1.2 Update

flightcontrol_12update5Over the past several months, there have been some great games priced at a dollar that has made its way to the Top 10 at the App Store: Doodle Jump, Pocket God and Stickwars just to name a few. Not only are they great in value, but their developers have also made every effort in updating the game to keep the content fresh and sweet. Well Firemint, the fine folks behind one of the most popular titles in Flight Control (and one that had been enjoying life atop of the App World for quite sometime) has just released a worthwhile update that includes more planes, airports and in-game scoreboards for those ultra competitive stat junkies.

If you have yet to try out Flight Control, do us a favor and buy the $0.99 game ASAP. Its fun, addictive and crazy challenging (I can’t disclose how many planes I have landed for fear of being mocked), and it sure beats being a real ATC controller. Be sure to check out J. D’s review of the game and more juicy screenshots/details can be found after the jump.

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Updates to QuickOffice – Upgrading to a truly Productive Office App


Yes, cell borders can be edited now!

In my formal review of QuickOffice 1.0, I questioned whether a software suite that missed too many features was worth 20$. QuickOffice 1.2.0 fixes many of the problems by adding features that should have been present in the first release and adding a couple of undocumented requests. 

I can safely raise my own evaluation of QuickOffice to a Grab, but QuickOffice is still perhaps not up to the standards needed by people who use mobile Office products on a regular basis. Most of the upgrades, especially predictive text input, auto-capitalisation and double-space for a full stop (period) balance the app suite, but are overshadowed slightly by some strange behaviour in the text editing window. For instance, if you want to go up to the furthest left space and input text, you will be apt to click the ‘back’ button rather than successfully move the cursor to the top. The zoom tool works well, but navigating to any extremity of the screen is still a chore. 

Quickoffice, Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite, 19.99$, 6.9 MB
Quickoffice® Mobile Office Suite (Word, Excel & WiFi)

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A Few Updates — Facelift?

Just a short note. TMA has been moved to a nicer server and in the move, left its friends (a few pictures from today’s Kryzer review) back somewhere in God’s Country. The bad news? That was the bad news. The good news is that Louis will fix those links upon his arrival back in Canada and all will be well and should be ‘snappier’!

If you are still curious, there is just so much more to tell, but the timing is not right. The next few weeks will carry some goodly news all around this site, but we will need your feedback. If things go amiss, please inform us as we cannot see all or do all all the time 😉