Twitepad In Review – All The Twitter Your Jesus Tablet Can Handle!

Twitepad is a Twitter client designed for your shiny new Jesus tablet, made to maximize what you can see and do on the popular social networking service. It offers column after column of content (similar to what you’ve seen in apps like¬†TweetDeck) allowing you to keep up to date on all your twitter content in one fell swoop. Read on to see if i can sum up my experience in 140 or less.
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First look at Twitepad for the iPad

Earlier last week, developer Infoxenter had sent word of their upcoming TwitePad app designed exclusively for the iPad. As a fully featured twitter client, TwitePad comes with all the functions you’d expect: lists, both types of retweets and more. Its two main selling features however, are the built-in web browser and support for multiple columns. Thanks to the larger screen size of the iPad, Twitepad users can now navigate between their columns by content (mentions, timeline, lists etc) AND easily open interesting links with the web browser.

And for those with multiple Twitter accounts, Twitpad allows you to use as many as your heart desires- meaning you can stay on top of all your personalities accounts without jumping from screen to screen. Infoxenter have even included support for Instapaper (read articles later) and implemented a database backend, meaning all your tweets and user data are stored locally for near instant retrieval.

For soon-to-be iPad owners who’re also Twitter users, Twitepad should definitely be on their radar come April 3rd. For the intro price of $0.99, Twitepad is looking more and more appealing by the minute. Be sure to check out the promo video, piccies and more after the gap!

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