Jingle! 1.1 released for iPhone – Brings Twitter to Music and Podcasts

Seattle, Washington – Arbutus Software has developed a new iPhone application called Jingle! that gives people the ability to easily “Tweet” music and other media content using Twitter. With Jingle! people can listen to a song, podcast or audiobook, then post information about that media to the popular microblogging service. This may include thousands of songs acquired through iTunes or other providers such as Amazon or Audible.

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Twitterena+ Professional in Review – A Great Twitter Client, Now Even Better!


A few weeks ago I did a review on the Twitter client, Twitterena, by Developer Andy Weekes. At the time, his client was one of, if not the best, all-around Twitter client feature wise. I reported then that he was working on releasing updates that would add quite a few premium features to an already amazing client (feel free to re-read my previous review for a re-fresher). Afterwards I found out that instead of just updating the existing client Andy realized that with the segmented market of Twitter users not everyone would need these enhanced features. The result has given birth to a new and even better client now known as Twitterena+ Pro.

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