Ascendancy in Review – Ascend from the darkness, come to the light of the App Store!

Looking at the power of modern mobile devices, it’s no wonder then that more and more of them are the target of developers, looking to get more life out of their classic titles. And this is even more true with the iOS family, with a single point of sales and an extremely low entry barrier – costing a measly $99 per year for a developer’s license. I can’t say that every such upgrade goes without a hitch, but that certainly doesn’t stop people from trying. Ascendancy has been universally praised back in the mid-90s and we’ll soon find out if it still has the spunk to reach out to today’s iOS gamers.

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Rogue Planet in Review – Time to make bolts fly!

The “Jesus” phone has not seen too much attention from quality Turn-based strategy games. Well, Agharta Studio, apparently also thinks so since the creators of the first ever episodic adventure game on the iPhone – 1112 have just released the much anticipated Rogue Planet! Can the small team of just 3 people pull off a hit? Let’s get dissecting!

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Strongholds in Review – Build your house of cards and crush the enemy!


I was an avid Magic the Gathering fan and gamer for a couple of years in my university days, and it surprises me why there next to no games that use CCG (Collectable Card Game) mechanics on the iPhone. The genre is perfect for the platform, combining turn-based gameplay, multiplayer, low system requirements and excellent use of in-app purchasing. Well, Digital Worlds has stepped in and laid a claim to the genre!

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Civilization Revolution now available for your iPhone/iPod Touch


Civilization is arguably one of the most, if not the most, recognizable and well liked turn-based strategy (TBS) video games around. For many, the Civilization series can be considered an essential collection on any PC/Mac, including TMA’s very own shigzeo (Civilization 2) and myself (Civ 4). Well, that day has come where you too can advance through the ages and conquer the world via your iPhone/iPod Touch, as 2K Games has released Civilization Revolution at the App Store. For those not familiar, the “Revolution” series was first introduced in 2008, where its entire core was rebuilt from the ground up to better serve the console and mobile platforms. While not as deep and engaging as the orginal, Revolution manages to keep the civ experience alive and is still highly addictive and fun. Is it worth the $4.99 and does it all translate well on the iPhone? For hardcore fans, I’d imagine they’d easily pay double that. Fortunately, for those new to the series or maybe holding out, 2K has included a free lite version to help whet your appetite.

2K Games, Civilization Revolution, $4.99, 73.8 MB
Civilization Revolution

2K Games, Civilization Revolution Lite, FREE, 75.5 MB
Civilization Revolution Lite

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Reign of Swords: EPISODE II Submitted to App Store


Update: Our review of Reign of Swords II is now live. Read it here

Like the RTS category for the iDevice, quality TBSes (Turn Based Strategies) are few and far between, with the two most recent and noteworthy being Uniwar and the highly anticipated Mecho Wars. Not to be left in the dust, Punch Entertainment is releasing EPISODE II of Reign of Swords (RoS), one of the very first true TBSes to hit the App Store back in Sept of ’08. TMA’s Young reviewed the first RoS and found it to be enjoyable with deep gameplay elements, giving it our ‘Grab It’ rating.  Fans of the original will be happy to know that Episode II features a completely new turn-based multiplayer system, new maps and units, vast improvements and a new look-and-feel.  If all is in order, this sequel will build on what is already a very solid TBS and draw new players in the the world of Reign of Swords.

Wait, there’s more! To celebrate the release of Ep. II, the devs have dropped the price of the first RoS to only $0.99 (down from $4.99). This is a great deal if you’re new to the series or looking for a deep and engaging multiplayer strategy game. Be sure to check out more details on Episode II along with screenies after the jump.

Reign of Swords, Punch Entertainment, $0.99, 5.1MB
Reign of Swords

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