IMDb releases trivia app for iPhone and iPod Touch

Anyone who’s ever searched a movie online will undoubtedly have stumbled upon IMDb, the world’s largest movie database. Their IMDb Movies & TV app is consistently among the most downloaded in the entertainment genre and now, IMDb Trivia has just been released on the App Store. Featuring several hundred questions in the Hollywood Hits, Family Movies, TV Favorites and Blockbuster Films categories, the app provides multiple game modes, including Movie Order, Celebrity Match and Movie Poster Match. Additional game packs are also available as IAPs for $0.99 should you wish to unlock even more trivia questions. Best of all, its free to download, so you can all compete with your friends via Game Center without spending a dime.

IMDb Trivia Playfield Apps, IMDb Trivia, – Free

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Ultimate Movie Buff In Review – Cinematic Trivia Excellence

I would consider myself to be a fairly big movie fan. I’m pretty much willing to go see anything. As a result I would also consider myself to be a fairly learned person when it comes to movie trivia. Usually this would only come in handy during portions of trivia games, not any longer though. The developers at Super Monko Studio have just what I need in their app Ultimate Movie Buff. A movie specific trivia game aimed at answering the pressing question “Are you a movie buff?”. Read on to find out how I did.

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The Price Is Right 2010 in Review – Not Quite An Easy Sell

I have hazy memories of The Price Is Right – I was but a wee child of seven or eight when this show was all the rage. It wasn’t that easy to relate to – compared to other popular game shows, TPIR is very specific when it comes to its audience. A kid growing up in the Philippines would have no idea how much an item or a showcase ought to cost, and before globalization kicked in, most of the brands and items on display were unfamiliar and “imported.” My jaw dropped at the gorgeous and creatively presented showcase items and the creativity the producers put in to make each Showcase Showdown unique.

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Press Your Luck In Review – another Ludia game show great!

In my humble opinion, Ludia has been one of the best developers of gameshow-themed apps. I picked up The Price Is Right pretty much right when it came out, got Family Feud for the wife over the holidays. They really know what they are doing and it shows.  Finally, Ludia released Press Your Luck, the trivia game based on the 80’s game show. It’s got my high hopes behind it; read on to see if I was able to get my Big Bucks and avoid the Whammies!

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That Ain’t It! Trivia Game in Review – Is it or Isn’t it?


Another day, another trivia game released with the same old take on things. Or is it? Developer IMAK Creations has released a new trivia title in which there is a twist (the audiences gasps at the news of a twist). The objective is not to select the correct answer to the question asked. That would be too simple and I think it’s been done before, hasn’t it? Anyways, the goal here is to select the answer that is incorrect! Sounds easy right? Not so fast my friend! With multiple topics, a large database of questions that will continue grow and add in some unlockable gameplay modes, That Ain’t It presents a fun yet challenging experience.

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Jeopardy! in Review – This… is… Jeopardy!

review-game-jeopardy-mainI’m a long-time Jeopardy! fan and so was excited to see Sony release it in the app store. Even if you don’t like the show, Jeopardy! is a great trivia game. From the opening screen where Johnny Gilbert announces “This is Jeopardy!” to the final Jeopardy! music track and and encouraging, cheering audience, this is a great Jeopardy! experience that thrills. When you first start the game, a big Jeopardy! sign pops up with smaller blue screens in the bottom. For those that don’t know (Bueller? … Bueller?), in Jeopardy! you are given a category (i.e. Medical, Movie Characters) and the “answer” (Robin Williams played this zany doctor), and your goal is to come up with the question (Who is Patch Adams?). So whenever I reference the “answer” in this review it’s really the question in the regular sense of the term and vice-versa.

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Ben Stein: It’s Trivial – Stealing Stein’s….. Stuff?

Ben Stein, most well known for his hit TV game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money”, has graced the iPhone compliments of a trivia game (not much surprise there). In Ben Stein: It’s Trivial, rather than trying to ‘win’ his money, your goal is to score as many points as possible via trivia questions. With enough points, you can have Cheex the monkey steal Ben’s prized possessions.

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A look at Movie Challenge: You think you know your movies?

Movie Challenge, developed by Redwind Software, is a recently released movie game for the iPhone. Looking around the App Store, there appears to be quite a few such trivia games out there already. While I personally haven’t tried the others just yet, most of them offer what seems to be limited styles of play. This is where Movie Challenge steps up to the plate. Redwind Software has designed the game with loads of features in mind. Besides a trivia mode where the user must choose the correct answer out of x number of questions (as seen in most trivia games), Redwind offers multiple game types:

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