Space Station: Frontier in Review – Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s space from work we go!

Tower Defence is one of the most represented genres on the iPhone. And as such, it seems that almost every idea possible has been already implemented and that it’s impossible to think of anything new. Gladly, Origin8 has just proved this statement wrong. The creators of the excellent Sentinel: Mars Defense (TMA Review) and Sentinel 2: Earth Defense (TMA Review) fixed path TD games have recently released their first entry into the open field TD variety: Space Station: Frontier.

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7 Cities Free today only!


7 Cities – one of my top 5 Tower Defense games and one of the best TD games ever is free for today only in celebration of it’s one-year anniversary down from $2.99! How’s that for a season of giving! Check out shigzeo’s review of 7 Cities to get a pirate ‘n plunderin’ taste.

Check after the gap for the description and screenshots, or simply get it now:

Neptune Interactive Inc., 7 Cities, 40.7MB, Free
7 Cities

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Dragon Slaughter Episode l in Review – Rebirth of the TD genre?


Ok folks, I know you are probably sick and tired of hearing this from me, but the Tower Defence genre has been a bit stale lately. And even the appearances of recent titles like TriDefense and geoDefense Swarm have done little to change that, with things being more of a quantitive than a qualitative difference from the older representatives of the genre. Well, this may finally have changed. Rockiphone, the developers of Battlefield, an open-field TD with a rather interesting and different upgrade path, have gone out and put together another TD game called Dragon Slaughter Episode 1.

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geoDefense Swarm in Review – Kicking it neon style!


One of the early hits at the App Store was geoDefense, a fixed-path TD game with Geometry Wars-like graphics style. It won many awards at the time and was highly acclaimed by leading iPhone blogs. Sad to say, I somehow missed that game. But Critical Thought Games, LLC. have given me a second chance with the second instalment in the geoDefense franchise, Swarm, an Open Field design allows the poor sods who missed the first game to still enjoy the legendary geoDefense.

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TriDefense in Review – They’re coming at you from all directions!


Hola folks! As I wrote in a recent review of Dead Panic, the Tower Defence genre is in serious need of fresh blood, and nobody seems to know the direction to go. One of the most promising directions is “open maps” where the enemies come at you from all directions and you decide where to build your towers stop them. I think the first really good game that featured this type of game-play was the legendary Fieldrunners. Well, TriDefense follows the same general idea but features modifiable terrain and land, air and water(!) based enemies. So, let’s dissect it (I’m out for blood!) and see whether it as good as it sounds.

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Townrs Defender in Review – A Love/Hate Relationship


Tower Defense is a genre well represented on the iDevice, there’s no denying that. And certainly for many people, including me, their first exposure to this genre was playing on this wonderful mobile platform. At the same time, I’ve played some of the best standard TD games available on this system, so when a new one comes along, I’m always curious what new things it will bring to the table. Townrs Defender takes an interesting twist on  the TD genre, one that ultimately pays off well for the game.

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Sentinel 2: Earth Defense in Review – Added ship weapons make for a better TD


Origin8’s Sentinel: Mars Defense was a nice departure from cute graphics and light-hearted atmosphere among the bevy of tower defense games at the App Store (not to mention it was the first TD to successfully merge the Sci-Fi theme with the genre). It was dark and suspenseful, and planning for the bosses while defending the barriers from the hordes was challenging. Now with their latest sequel, Earth Defense, Origin8 looks to improve on an already impressive Sentinel with more weaponry and some new and welcomed features.

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Sweetwater Defense in Review – Tower Defense in Hard Mode


Like many people, I’d had no experience with Tower Defense games prior to playing them on my iPod. I still consider myself a newbie at them, and there are plenty of times when I still struggle to set up a good defense in even some of the easier Tower Defense games that are out there. So perhaps it’s not fair for me to say that Sweetwater Defense is a difficult game, but I certainly found it challenging. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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