Star Wars: Battle for Hoth in Review – Stopped they must be; on this all depends.

Star Wars is definitely one of the pillars of science-fiction. The original trilogy revolutionized how the general public perceive the genre and has left it’s trail in almost all areas of life – be it toys, CCGs, books or videogames. Even on the iDevice the franchise has left quite an impression, with Star Wars The Force Unleashed and the recent Star Wars: Trench Run being the most noteworthy titles. And now they have been joined by arguably the best Star Wars game on the iDevice to date in the form of a Tower Defence – Star Wars: Battle for Hoth.

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MIKADO DEFENDERS in Review – Applying Sun Tzu’s Art of war to tower defence

With such an abundance of Tower Defense games on the App Store, it’s getting increasingly hard to stand out from the crowd. That said however, MIKADO DEFENDERS doesn’t have that problem – this latest title stands out on the publisher name alone. The legendary TAITO Corporation, previously known on the iDevice platform mostly for their reiterations of the classic franchises like SPACE INVADERS (TMA Review) and ARKANOID (TMA Review), has finally graced us with a title originally designed for the iPhone. Ooooh, I just can’t wait!

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Price Drop: Last Front: Europe – FREE for a day!

The unholy union between FreeAppaDay and Last Front: Europe is a bad one, but in a good way. Last Front: Europe is a solid Tower Defence title with a few great augments to the genre including: movable towers and unlimited user-created maps for download. If you are too lazy to read TMA’s Last Front: Europe review, here’s the gist: GRAB!

Anyway, it’s free, so strap on your cannons and blast the baddies into 1939!

Last Front: Europe Plow Digital, LLC, Last Front: Europe – Free (for a day)

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Taito’s Mikado Defenders set to invade App Store

While Taito maybe well known in the App Store for their hit arcade games (i.e Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Bust-a-Move and Arkanoid), the one category of games they have yet to tackle is the hugely popular tower defense genre. Well that will soon change as Taito’s first iDevice defense game, Mikado Defenders, is slated to be released in the very near future.

In Mikado Defenders, players deploy samurai foot soldiers, archers, and other units, desperately attempting to defend their fortress from an all-out demonic attack. It’s tower defense, with a uniquely Japanese twist!

Set in the Sengoku Era, the historical backdrop and unique artwork give the game a most distinct flavor. Aside from the usual deployment of defensive units around the map, Mikado Defenders also allows players to fortify their castle with upgrades (barricades and turrets) and even recruit historical Samurai Commanders (each with special abilities). So far, the game looks immensely promising and could well be a surprise hit with TD junkies. We’ll certainly keep a close eye on this one and have a full review when it’s released. Meanwhile, take a gander at more piccies and app details after the gap.

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BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak in Review – Surviving is quite a feat!

It seems at least some developers realised that there is no more room in the arena of classic Tower Defense games at the AppStore and decided to put some creativity in their titles. One of the more recent releases is the zombie-themed, BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak. Developer Resolution Interactive AB claim that BioDefense will revolutionise iDevice strategy gaming.

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Last Front: Europe in Review – Fighting World War II TD style

World War II, while one of the most tragic periods in mankind’s history, has been a constant source of inspiration for game developers. On the iPhone, however, noteworthy WWII titles are still somewhat rare. But an underdog has sprung up lately promising to offer an interesting experience. I am talking, of course, about Last Front: Europe – a WWII Tower Defence game. Feel free to discuss this review of Last Front: Europe in our forums.

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Twitter + Tower Defense = Tweet Defense

Just yesterday, shigzeo pointed out how social networking functionality has fast become a gaming necessity. “Implement them, and gamers take notice. Implement them not, and gamers take notice.” Heck, even a non-game developer recently decided to include OpenFeint in its productivity app. Enter Tweet Defense, a brand new and highly “original” TD game that makes use of Twitter in a big way.

Use your Twitter activity as your in-game stats to fight off waves of the undead! Tweet Defense tosses ridiculous killer zombies and your twitter stats into a tower defense blender for a delicious brainy, viral juice mix.

This isn’t just a twitter client that lets you tweet your score. This is a full on TD game that uses your friend list and your tweeting activity to impact how powerful your towers are.

While it’s true that not everyone cares for social networking in their games, it can enhance its replay value and help create a sense of community. For the hardcore twitter addicts and TD junkies out there, Tweet Defense maybe worth checking out, especially with its friendly price of $0.99. And for those who don’t have a twitter account, fear not, as the game can still be enjoyed without one.  More piccies and info after the gap.

Tweet Defense Promethium Marketing Group, Tweet Defense – $0.99

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Plants vs Zombies in Review: Taking Over Lives, Once Again

Fans and newcomers to the hugely popular PC/Mac game Plants vs Zombies have been waiting for the iPhone and iPod Touch version as early as August 2009. The long wait is over, at last. Now the question is: how well does Plants vs Zombies fare both as a PC/Mac port and a standalone tower defense game, given that the TD genre is one of the, if not the most crowded and well-represented genre on the iPhone platform?

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Zogma: Tactical Zombie Survival Simulator In Review – Saving Yourself, One Shotgun Shell At A Time

Somehow, I thought the “undead” craze had all but faded away. I hadn’t found a decent zombie app in what seemed like forever. Then I stumbled across the first appstore offering from Jumbo Squid Productions, a strategic defense like game titled Zogma: Tactical Zombie Survival Simulator. With a name like that, they had me curious. Read more to see if this game had me craving more brains, or less death.

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Critter Defense! in Review – Devilishly cutesy!

During the last several months the AppStore has literally been swamped with various Tower Defence games. Some were original, some were more traditional, some were downright poor in quality. For the average player this is both a blessing and a curse – on one hand competition is good, on the other – how to decide which the better one? To help you navigate in this vast field I’m going to review yet another TD game – Critter Defense!

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