Touch KO in Review – Fight Night on your iPhone?


Boxing is sport I can get into. The rules are straightforward. The objective, punch harder and better than the other guy. Console games have progressed through the years to become almost as exciting as the real thing, so the prospect of being able to box on my iPhone was very appealing. Chillingo, an extremely popular game publisher for your iDevices has recently launched Touch KO. A 3D boxing game that they hope will knock out the competition.

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New gameplay video for Chillingo’s upcoming Touch KO

TouchMyApps has just received some brand new screenshots and gameplay footage from Chillingo, who will be publishing the Fight Night inspired boxing title Touch KO. Developed by two talented brothers Adam and Matt Mechtley of 6ixsetstudios, Touch KO is shaping up rather beautifully and looking poised to deliver the knockout punch when it arrives at the App Store shortly. Utilizing the popular Unity game engine, the Mechtley duo have created a visually stunning iDevice game that quite easily stands toe-to-toe with titles from the PSP and PS2 platform. Touch KO has also been designed from the ground up, where players will make use of the unique multi-touch and accelerometer features of the iPhone/iPod to control fully customizable virtual fighters. If this boxer plays nearly as well as it looks, Chillingo will have another winner on their hands. Be sure to check out more screenies after the break.

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