Waldo found in Canada – Canuck’s top app

Everyone once in a while, I throw caution to the wind, damn the American App Store, and look at what the rest of the world (in small letters) is enjoying. Well, Oh Canada has been ripping its shorts on Where’s Waldo, a relatively new app which hails to the good ol’ days of magnifying glasses, colour-blind streams of cartoon characters, and perfect frustrated searching. Waldo has found some friends this time to accompany his journey through the game’s 12 magical worlds; and just in time for the holiday, seller Ludia have blessed the app with a 40% discount. For a limited time, Waldo fun can be had for 2.99$.

Ludia, Where’s Waldo?â„¢ The Fantastic Journey, 2.99$, 133 MB
Where's Waldo?? The Fantastic Journey

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Top Free App of The World – Paper Toss for the Gold!


I couldn’t have said it better. ‘We want gold’, a saying not made famous by New Order’s Football World Cup song. While we at TMA can rest assured that England won’t win any time soon, we cannot predict who will take top spot at the App Store. Last time we gave enough of a hoot, it was iDracula sporting its silver guns and swords looking down on the world from the Top Paid App position. This time, Paper Toss is the Top Free App and has been since the 13th! That is five full days atop the world. Will it become a record? Will you create a record? You can – I can’t – I really suck at this game.

Backflip Studios, Paper Toss, FREE!, 5.2MB
Paper Toss

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iDracula Love: Top App of the World

Sucking the blood of the world!

Sucking the World's blood one country at a time!

No more chortling over farts or breasts, the world has voted and iDracula the App Store’s new Lord and Master; it is the new Top Paid App. In fact, it is a clean sweep of the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and France.  Whose finger did developer More Games Entertainment have to pull to get there?  Not sure, but I am certain it was enough all night work to leave the poor souls bloodless, cold and ready to devour.  

Our review pointed out some of its strengths but iDracula has to be played to truly be appreciated.  Quick and smooth with great graphics and engine work, iDracula is bound to remain a genre-defining game for the iPhone despite carrying such a small pricetag.  

Take a look at Top App of the World from time to time to see how your favourite apps fare in global rankings.  

More Games Entertainment, Chillingo
iDracula - Undead Awakening