For the Blogger – Redmond Pie’s ‘definitive list’ of blogging apps


Got a blog? Got an iPhone? Great. You may be wondering how to get the two to act nicely; to that end, Redmond Pie have collated a list of paid and free apps which may help you out. Among those that made the list is Automattic’s open source WordPress app which allows you to set up a WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod touch. TouchMyApps along with a goodly number of other blogs utilises WP which really is a do-it-all website outline. WP for the iPhone is currently version 1,3 with planned updates and feature fixes which are detailed in part on iPhone website.

Automattic Inc., WordPress, FREE, 0.6 MB

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Appliya App-Development Service – For the Programming Uninitiated


App programming isn’t all about brainstorming the great idea; at the heart of every great dictionary, mapping, game and productivity app out there, is code that someone wrote. You can hire that person, register with Apple, send your app for approval and hope for the best, or, as Appliya suggest, let them do the work for you. Obviously, Appliya are banking on this interesting service becoming a big success – their tools, marketing and service at your disposal may mean an exponential increase of customers. This development-service offered by the Tokyo-based company is unique indeed.

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