Promo Code + iTunes Gift Card giveaway Alert!


Update: Our Redeem Hunt is now LIVE!

For all you TMA readers who have enjoyed winning apps and iTunes gift cards via our many past giveaways, this should be right up your alley. In the very near future (hint: next 48 hours), we will be introducing our very first “TMA Redeem Hunt” contest, where “hidden” links placed in pre-selected posts will take you directly to the App Store to redeem the contest App as well as iTunes GCs. Winning of course will require a timely start, a quick clickity finger and lots of luck (finding the right post before someone else). As well, to make it a bit more fair and ensure you won’t be late to the event, we’ll be announcing the ETA (aka start time) of the Redeem Hunt giveaway via Twitter. You are following us right? See you on the other side! Arrrrgh!