Chocolate Shop Frenzy in Review – A Tasty Time Management Game

In Chocolate Shop Frenzy you must help Emma achieve her dream of becoming a chocolate shop owner. Emma’s just quit her marketing job and taken out a loan for the store. You’ve got to successfully run the shop for a year and make a profit in order to pay back the money. You’ll mainly be tapping away at the screen in order to give your customers a menu, make their chocolate, deliver it and then pick up your earnings. However, as well as this time management element there are also some match three stages within the game to break up the action a little.

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Star Wars: Cantina in Review – been there, done that, but the costumes are cool

What do you do to take a genre that’s starting to get overpopulated and take it to the next level? In the case of time management games, you add a really popular license into the mix. Given that a great percentage of time management games revolve around food, it seems fitting to feature a setting reminiscent of one of the most memorable bar scenes in sci-fi history, a Cantina on the planet of Mos Esely. Now that we’ve got the force of Star Wars backing us up (take that for whatever pun you’d like), we have to hope that there’s some addictive gameplay involved. Read on to see how Star Wars: Cantina performs as a TM game!

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Dawn of Discovery – Harbor in Review – Sally’s harbour?

Dawn of Discovery is a relatively successful PC real-time city building title and as such the announcement that it will be coming to the iPhone a few months ago made the iPhone community hold its breath in anticipation. Dawn of Discovery – Harbor had briefly appeared on the AppStore on March 14 as yet another AppStore mishap, but was quickly pulled down. Nevertheless by the time you read this review the game should be available again. Was it worth the wait? Let’s find out! Feel free to discuss this review of Dawn of Discovery – Harbor in our forums.

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Hottie Hookups in Review – Get Your Coat, You’ve Pulled!

From the team that brought Sally’s Spa and Sally’s Salon to the iDevice, Hottie Hookups is a time management game with a difference. You’re not waiting tables, styling anyone’s hair or cooking the dinner. No, you’re playing Cupid. You’re sent to the hottest clubs around the world in order to make sure the gorgeous people are paired up together.

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Home Sweet Home in Review: A House is Not a Home ‘Til You Build It!


Popular PC game Home Sweet Home is now pocket-sized for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Fans of social networking games such as Pet Society will instantly recognize the irresistible appeal of designing your own space and exploring the permutations of your creativity from the game that started it all in 2007.

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Success Story in Review – Faaaaaaaast Food


In the high-glam world of fast-food restaurants, the hamburgers is and always will be king. But, it ain’t all fizzy drinks and fried potatoes in the land of the King. Something is amiss – at least in Success Story – a time-management game which pits you against customer’s demands, time, and physical resources. Part comic book, part match-up game, Success Story is a good romp through the land of grease and goodies.

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Preview: Anna Montana – Desperate Housekeeper


So what are the pillars of the Time Management genre at the App Store? A couple of names come to mind, Sally’s Spa and Hospital Havoc. I will admit to being a closet TML (time management lover) who’s secure in his effectuality (yepp) as a productive human being. However, I am not the best housekeeper, something Anna Montana, a new game by CDE and Humble Gaming has taught me.

CDE Humble Gaming, Anna Montana, 1.99$, 16.6 MB
Anna Montana

CDE Humble Gaming have made the following additions to the game which I will be reviewing shortly (follow the gap):

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The Sims 3 – Review and Tips from shigzeo, the Sleaze

EA have type-casted me as a sleaze and I will admit to liking it. But, let me straighten out one thing: prior to playing the Sims 3, I had no idea what a ‘woohoo’ was and why my sim should as a dying wish desire it 8 times in one day. Well, after at least 17 hours of play, I have not accomplished his goal, but I have learned how to be a true and proper sleaze in this beautiful game.

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