Update: Streetfood Tycoon from Kuyi Mobile better than ever


Streetfood Tycoon was always one of my favorite street vendor time management games, but leave it to Kuyi Mobile to feel like they need to make it even better.  There was already plenty to serve, tons of fun customers and lots of goals to meet.  This time around they’ve decided to tackle pop culture, new challenges and even pay homage to their homeland.
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Fix-it-up: World Tour (Full) in Review – Time management isn’t only about running a spa!


G5 Entertainment is certainly among the more established iOS publishers, best known well known for their superb Hidden Object (HdO) and Time Management titles. I’m not a big fan of HdO but an occasional frantic spin on the next Sally’s Spa can easily suck me in for hours. As you may have guessed, our victim today is of the latter persuasion and also a follow-up to the reasonably successful Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure (Full), putting you in charge of a auto-repair shop. Not too imaginatively titled Fix-it-up: World Tour (Full) it follows the adventures of Kate and her two unlikely partners in bringing their business across the globe.

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Youda Survivor in Review – Robinson Crusoe didn’t have to deal with this!

I think the story of Robinson Crusoe, though sad, has in many respects a lot of romance to it as well. Certainly the prospect of having a Friday of your own 7 days a week is a tempting one. I’m sure many have dreamed or at least tried to imagine what it would be like. And when our imagination fails, us we have but the App Store to turn to. Thanks to G5 Entertainment – the masters of time management – a deserted island will become much less deserted with you on it in Youda Survivor.

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Farm Frenzy 3 in Review – Yep, It’s Really That Crazy…

The Farm Frenzy franchise has always been a bit of a standout amongst the time management games that I’ve played.  It’s more goal oriented than its brethren, and as the name implies, it can get quite hectic, pretty much on every level after the first four or five.  It’s a nice change of pace from the typical storefront type management sims, though it might be a bit much for the more casual gamer.  So far Farm Frenzy 3 is no exception to the rule, and it’s a great reminder of why the series is so popular.  If you’re tired of serving food, running a boutique or managing a hotel, maybe it’s time for a bit of frenzy in your life.

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Virtual City Playground in Review – Build your city for free, no strings attached

I reviewed the original Virtual City (TMA Review) last year and found it to be an entertaining casual variation on the build-your-own-city theme. Though much closer to the Transport Tycoon franchise in spirit than SimCity, the mixing of various gameplay elements and the addition of quests to guide the development made for an excellent package. Building on this quest system G5 Entertainment has done what seems to be the fashionable thing these days and has gone freemium with Virtual City Playground.

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Manage your Time on the iPhone with Fathm

The iPhone is absolutely fantastic for the “getting things done” variety of apps. Some of the more popular ones include OmniFocus, Things (TMA Review) and Todo (TMA Review). But what if you simply want to keep track of your day-to-day routine and see what you’re spending your time on most by category? Fathm, a recently released app lets you do just that.

Time management made beautiful and completely personal

If you like to keep track of your daily life, meet a friend called Fathm. See where your time goes and budget to get more out of every day. With the cool interactive Daily Donut and Fragmentation charts you can see the breakdown for each day or a week at a time. Get a handle on your time and let Fathm open the window to a brighter tomorrow, day by day.

Aside from the well designed interface, interactive charts and daily timelines, Fathm is also free for its initial 30 days on the App Store. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s also one of the better time tracking/management tools for the iPhone. Check out the video demo after the gap.

Fathm - Time Management Pajama Consulting, Fathm – Time Management, – Free

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Freebie Alert: Hotel Dash and Soap Opera Dash now Free (for limited time)

Last week, we saw Cooking Dash (TMA Review) and Wedding Dash (TMA Review) both go free on the App Store. Now, Playfirst’s other two Dash titles have joined the freebie ranks: Hotel Dash and Soap Opera Dash. Eric previously reviewed the former and gave it a Grab It rating:

Hotel Dash is the latest entry in the series, and it’s upped the ante in several ways.  If you’re a time management veteran you’ll feel right at home and appreciate the additional challenge, but if you’re new to the whole concept this might not be the best place to start.  So far I’m loving it, and I can’t wait to see what the next installment in the franchise has to offer.

No time frame has been given as to how long this latest offer will last, though judging from last week, they’ll likely stay free for the next 2 days.

Hotel Dash PlayFirst, Hotel Dash (TMA Review), 80.3 MB – Free
Soap Opera Dash PlayFirst, Soap Opera Dash, 75.4 MB – Free

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Freebie Alert: Cooking Dash and Wedding Dash for iPhone now free for limited time

Time Management aficionados are no doubt familiar with Flo’s Dash spawning franchise. In fact, Diner Dash is arguably the most well known among the crowded and addictive genre. So if you’re a fan of TM games and are new to the series, this freebie update is for you! Playfirst has dropped two of their iPhone titles to free for a limited time: Cooking Dash (TMA Review) and Wedding Dash (TMA Review). Normally priced at $2.99, both games feature 50+ levels and plenty of mad-finger-dashing challenges. Additional IAPs are available should you wish to unlock other locales ($0.99 each).

Cooking Dash PlayFirst, Cooking Dash (TMA Review), 110 MB – Free
Wedding Dash PlayFirst, Wedding Dash (TMA Review), 53.0 MB – Free

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Jack Of All Tribes in Review – The Master Of Most?

Well they’ve managed to do it again.  Every time I get a game from G5 Entertainment to review I’m just a bit concerned that it’s going to fall into the “been there, done that” category.  So far it has been needless worry, however, and Jack of All Tribes is no exception to that rule.  This TM game takes a little different approach to the subject, where instead of having one central focus to work on, you’re jumping from one part of the island to the next, building up everything in your path.  It’s just different enough to feel fresh, and the overall atmosphere is fun and playful in a way that really sucks you in.

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Supermarket Mania 2 in Review – Awesome Game On Isle 2

If I wished to stick with my analogy of Jane’s Zoo (TMA Review) being a Time Management Lite game, then Supermarket Mania 2 would be Time Management Deluxe.  While I love TM games I’m no expert at them, yet this is the first one in a long time that I’ve not been able to attain the expert level the first time around an almost any level.  For those of you wondering – that’s a good thing.  Usually time management game levels don’t take long to complete, and I don’t mind playing them 2 or 3 times to achieve the top ranking.  Add to that all the little bells and whistles, and this is probably one of the best games in the genre to grace my iPod Touch’s little screen. Continue reading…