Cover your email tracks with TigerMail

Earlier in March, we previewed 2 apps that’ll keep your SMS/Email messages from prying eyes by having them”vanish” right off of your iPhone. After some delay, TigerMail, the highly publicized app inspired by Tiger Woods has finally arrived in the App Store.

TigerMail was inspired by media celebrities and their “transgressions”, often revealed by a history of text messages. Obviously, there are so many other practical and justifiable uses for it. TigerMail should be part of your texting arsenal for those situations where the utmost in secrecy is required. For covert operations, undercover work, cloak-and-dagger scenarios, and clandestine meetings, TigerMail is your best solution…Protect yourself with TigerMail. Tigers don’t always leave tracks!

Unlike the competition, TigerMail should give even the ultra-paranoid a peace of mind as none of their messages are saved on any servers – they’re simply forwarded from one iDevice to another. It should be noted that both parties will require the app to be installed on their device in order to send and receive these one-and-done messages. The pro version will set you back $2.99, though it’ll provide users all the bells and whistles, including the ability to control the dissolve method and rate of all sent messages. Developer SYSLL has also given us a free Lite version that is ad supported and missing a few features, but will still give you access to the app’s core functionality.

TigerMail Pro SYSLL, TigerMail Pro – $2.99
TigerMail Lite SYSLL, TigerMail Lite – Free

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