Thermo app goes universal, turns iPad into giant thermometer

Thermo, the simple and pretty weather app that displays the current temperature outside (along with yesterday’s temperature) via a very visual themometer, has been updated to a universal build and is now fully compatible with the iPad. Since its release for the iPhone, the app has been downloaded close to 800,000 times. It helps that Thermo is free to download, though it does comes with ads. Thankfully, getting rid of them can be done in-app, which will set you back a dollar. And if you want to unleash the meteorologist in you, an extra IAP of $0.99 will unlock “Thermo History”, a neat feature that keeps track of all previous temperatures and displays a fancy chart by year, quarter, month or week. More app info and promo video after the break.

Thermo Robocat, Thermo, – Free

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