The Settlers in Review – Veni, Vidi, Vici on your iPhone!

The Settlers II on the PC was, probably, one the best games I’ve ever played. No wonder they recently released The Settlers II 10th Anniversary. I got acquainted with the series with the first installment back in 1993. Back then it was also known as Serf City and it came in a CD loaded with literally thousands of shareware games. With plenty of expectations, can this famed RTS live up to the hype?

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The Settlers now available for iPhone/iPod Touch

The-Settlers-Preview-2Last week, we touched on some of Gameloft’s upcoming iDevice games. One of them was a completely rebuilt port of the critically acclaimed RTS classic ‘The Settlers’ and the good news is that it has arrived at the App Store sooner than expected. Unlike some of the other well established genres (TDs, puzzlers etc), we have yet to see a steady flow of quality and must-have RTSes on the iPhone.

Gameloft, The Settlers, $6.99, 227 MB
The Settlers

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Upcoming Gameloft games: The Settlers, Rogue Planet and Castle Frenzy

The-Settlers-Preview-1Gameloft, having recently released a pair of highly anticipated titles in Ashpalt 5 and Earth Worm Jim, are at it once again with the announcement of more great looking games.  The Settlers, a critically acclaimed RTS series for the PC and one of the more popular in the genre, will be making its way onto the iDevice (with optimized gameplay for the platform). Rogue Planet, developed by 1112’s Agharta Studios, is a very promising futuristic TBS (turn-based strategy) that I’m hoping will be the iPhone’s answer to the big N’s Advanced Wars. Finally, Castle Frenzy, another castle defense type game, looks to wow fans of the genre with some snazzy visuals and unique gameplay.  All in all, Gameloft have lined up 3 App Store titles that will surely have i-gamers whet with excitement. Be sure to check out the videos and more info after the break.

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