That’s What She Said – The iPhone/iPod Touch App


One of the most useless and funnest apps I’ve ever encountered is TWSS aka “That’s what she said.” For those unfamiliar with the dirty phrase, here is a formal definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

1. Used to add sexual innuendo to a conversation.
2. When a male wants to share with his friends that he was with a girl (whether her was or not), he will respond to a phrase that sets up “that’s what she said…” as funny or sexual.
3. To imply that what is being talked about was actually a sexual statement and that a girl agreed to said statement in the recent past.

As you can see, the phrase has its greatest effect and share of laughter if stated spontaneously or when least expected. Furthermore, it is definitely not appropriate to teach 5-year old Jake to real meaning behind the statement or you will suffer the consequences of glaring looks from disapproving parents and others.

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