TGI Friday Sale: Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphones


Lady Gaga’s heartbeats earphones from Monster which were announced in September and carry a list price of 119.95$ join the parade of items which are discounted for TGI Black Friday. Earphone Solutions, a major online retailer of headphones in the USA has them for limited-time sale at 89$. Or, if you miss the sale opportunity, Amazon stock them all the time for only 99.95$. So, if you just cannot get enough of Lady Gaga; if you just have to have her in your ears, then enjoy the weekend!

Earphone Solutions Lady Gaga heartbeats earphones: 89$

Amazon Lady Gaga heartbeats earphones: 99.95$

Be sure to keep an eye out for more deals. We are tracking some great App Store deals which devs are hotly thinking up to save you some dosh on hot apps.

Black Friday App Sales Roundup

Apple Store TGI Friday sales

Palm Heroes on sale for just $5.99 – hurry up and join in the fun!


The Palm Heroes Team –whom we recently interviewed– have discounted the incredible game – Palm Heroes. It is the port of the one and only Heroes of Might and Magic and has just gotten slimmer; its price fell to $5.99 from $9.99 in celebration of the BlackApp Friday! Palm Heroes got Kissed back in late August and it’s even better now with new controls, graphics, maps and more!

Features of the latest 1.2 update:

  • better response to fingers. “quick tapping lag” solved!
  • manual zoom on “pinch in”
  • autoscroll in autozoom can be turned off now
  • Czech language support
  • minimap is scrollable now
  • new “hero” button when infobar is open
  • buttons “switch hero” and “menu” exchanged places for more convenient control
  • better description of controls in the help section
  • more maps to play

Hurry up and Get it!

Palm Heroes Team, Palm Heroes, $5.99, 9.0MB
Palm Heroes

TGI Friday update: TGI Sales Commence…


TGI Friday sales have begun in the USA and Canada. Each year, Apple lay out great sales for consumers around Thanksgiving. Expect deals on Macs, MacBooks, iPods, TVs and many other products in the store. And, a quick check at Apple UK, Apple Canada, Apple Australia, Apple Germany, and many others reveals that Apple have spread the love to fans around the world.

Sales around the globe have already begun as can be seen here from the Apple UK store:

2009-TGI-UK-iMac 2009-TGI-UK-MBpro
2009-TGI-UK-nano 2009-TGI-UK-touch

Happy Thanksgiving America!


Yes, we are a bit late in wishing all of our American readers a great Thanksgiving Day spent fighting your relatives, painting the garage, and shovelling snow. But better late than never, here is out congrats. Be safe, don’t drink too much, and make sure to be kind to your kids/siblings/parents and let them use your iPhone!

Oh yeah, and be sure to check out all the good TGI deals on the web. We have a few to share:

Black Friday App Sales Roundup

TGI Friday – Apple’s take on Thanksgiving

The Best Black Friday Deals with TGI Black Friday App

Black Friday App Sales Roundup!


Yesterday, we posted about EA and Gameloft’s great price drops. And as promised, we here at TouchMyApps have compiled a comprehensive round up of apps that are currently on sale for the Thanksgiving weekend. With loads of awesome games and non-game apps that can be had on the cheap (include FREE ones), I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll be worth your while and even tickle your fancy. We’ll be updating this list often, so be sure to follow up for latest price drops! Updates are denoted with  **

To all who celebrate this holiday, the entire crew at TouchMyApps wish you a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving!

HOT: Chillingo’s Super Shock Football FREE for 1 Day!

Roundup Updated: 5:39 PM EST Nov 27th

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EA and Gameloft games on sale for ‘Black Friday’

review-games-thesims3-realenemiessleeptogetherWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, shoppers are gearing up for some serious bargains across the US. At the App Store, two of the biggest iDevice game publishers in EA and Gameloft are leading the charge with some awesome app sales. From Electronic Arts’ end, you will find Command & Conquer, FIFA 10, Monopoly and much more at reduced prices. Gameloft’s $0.99 sales include Shrek Kart, Blades of Fury and Real Tennis 2009. If you’ve been eying a few of their titles, strike while the iron’s hot! The complete list can be found after the break.

We’ll be doing a MASSIVE round up of Black Friday sales tomorrow, so be sure to check back right here at TMA!

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UPDATE: one more hour! TGI Friday – Apple’s take on Thanksgiving


Update: Our massive  Black Friday Apps Bargain round up can be found Here

For one day only, Apple will be giving massive discounts on a number of their products at the American Apple Store, and hopefully in other, lucky sections of the globe too. The catch? Well, do your ‘research’ now because the sale begins and ends on 27 November – no earlier, no later. Of course, spending time at the Apple Store has never been a waste of energy.

Here’s to hoping a new iMac will keep you warm during the holidays!

Keep an eye out at the Apple store: Apple’s Friday will probably begin at 00:00 PST, so about 1 hour from now!

The best Black Friday deals with TGI Black Friday App


Update: Our massive  Black Friday Apps Bargain round up can be found Here

Pack your bags, sell your children (if you have any), Black Friday is nearly upon us!

November 27’s festivities will culminate in the trampling death of at least one unwary American shopper at the hands of bloodthirsty doorbuster shoppers. As the season of good cheer approaches, the season of robbing/theft/murder will parade the streets along with the mob of angry, drooling 4 AM cut-throat bargain shoppers.

To get ahead in the game, Ecatcher, Inc. has released a helpful app known as TGI Black Friday which will help you find the best deals from the biggest boxes such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sears, and tons more. The UI is simple, elegant, and makes the job of finding those deals possible.

So, if you’re like me, start planning now, and write your will just to be safe.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

Ecatcher, Inc., TGI Friday, FREE, 0.9 MB
TGI Black Friday