Carnivores: Ice Age in review – Not Your Modern Stone Age Family

Deer hunting simulators have always seemed kind of silly to me.  I can’t believe real hunters would find any exhilaration in simulated game, and people who don’t normally hunt won’t get anything near the real experience on a computer.  That’s why I think Tatem Games is on the right track with their Carnivores series, since it’s not like I’m going to be able to step out my door any time soon and hunt real life dinosaurs.  The game has held my attention much better than any deer hunting affair to date, but the extreme difficulty winds up frustrating me more often than not.

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Racer in Review – Simple Racing Fun


There is certainly an abundance of $0.99 games at the App Store, with Racer (developed by Tatem Games) being one of them. Most of these are high score type games, which emphasize the pick-up-and-play aspect of mobile gaming. Does Racer manage to stand out from the pack, or does it fall into the same hackneyed category as most of the other casual games? Read on.

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