Latest iPod touch Camera rumour comes from App Store


Takaki Fukatsu's TiltShift Generator

One of my favourite app developers is Takayuki Fukatsu, the legendary personage behind apps such as ToyCamera, SepiaCamera, and QuadCamera among others. His apps are solid, have real-world results, and are based on important photography and editing principles. TiltShift Generator (say that 5,5x fast) which hit the App Store on or around 27 August looks to be another great hit, and unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, is the #1 hit at Japan’s App Store. It also houses evidence that the iPod touch will indeed feature a camera (information after the gap).

Takaki Fukatsu, TiltShift Generator, 0.99$, 0.3 MB
TiltShift Generator

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QuadCamera is out for 3.0!


Last week, I noted that SepiaCamera had obtained a well-deserved price-upgrade: it is now free! The same developer, Takayuki Fukatsu, has had recent trouble with Apple’s approval process as his upgraded QuadCamera, a popular photographer’s tool was rejected for use with OS 3.0. Fortunately, that restriction has been lifted and the app can now be downloaded for 99 cents.

Takayuki Fukatsu, QuadCamera, 0.99$, 0.3 MB
QuadCamera - Multi shot

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SepiaCamera has gone cheap – FREE


Takayuki Fukatsu‘s apps are focused. Each adds new functionality to the iPhone camera that is undoubtedly missing a few features; they are: OldCamera, ToyCamera, SepiaCamera and Quad Camera, a modular group of excellent extensions to the iPhone. Each come at rather low prices, but Sepia Camera has just dropped from 0.99$ to free. Grab it below – it works with OS 3.0.

Takayuki Fukatsu, Sepia Camera, FREE!, 0.6 MB

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