comScore study: iPad attracts readers

If you can make out the squiggles on this page, you may well be a potential iPad customer, or at least that is what numbers released by a comScore iPad study suggest. The study comes in several parts, but concentrates on the intended use, demographic, and receptiveness to paid content evidenced by iPad and e-Reader customers. In fact, the iPad already “matches Amazon Kindle in awareness and purchase intent”, helping to cement at least one of the iPad’s uses in the dredges of ostensibility.

While I’ll not contend the research, the bit which gets me is this:

Male and female survey participants had nearly identical favorability around the choice of the name “iPad” In the case of both genders, approximately 49 percent had a positive impression of the name, 27 percent were indifferent, and 24 percent had a negative impression.

Obviously, the group studied by ComScore have never shared maxiPad jokes.

More fun after the gap:

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Failure of the Survey: iPhone 3GS and Pre return/exchange rates compared


Surveys can be conducted with a variety of outcomes in mind. One might be to learn about a product or service; it could also be used to find out a personal information. A popular reason to conduct surveys, however, is to prove pre-conceived notions; unfortunately, this sort of survey is the tool of marketers and turn-coat surveyors – integrity isn’t a strong suit of many surveys. For instance, if TMA conducted a survey of how satisfied readers were with our articles and, at the same time, offered a free headphone, to a ‘randomly selected’ individual, the survey would be flawed.

A recent one approached 3GS and Pre users in order to ascertain which one suffered higher return/exchange rates. I have issues with it on many levels and I hope that you will read along.

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