Fieldrunners 2 has landed on iPhone

Fieldrunners 2, the sequel to arguably the most celebrated tower defense game on iOS and one that ushered in a wave of TD games onto the plaform, has finally arrived on the iPhone. Developer Subatomic Studios spent the past several years creating Fieldrunners 2 and it clearly shows, with gamers treated to over 20 new levels and 20 unique, upgradable weapons, along with 3 different type of levels (Sudden Death, Time Trial, and Puzzle) and Retina Support to show off the gorgeous hand painted artwork. Currently, only the iPhone version is available ($2.99), with plans for an iPad release in the future. I’ve only logged about an hour or so thus far, but have already found it to be terribly addictive. Perhaps best of all, there are no IAPs to suck your iTunes credits dry; instead virtual currency can be earned in-game to buy items. Check out the extended gameplay video after the gap.

Fieldrunners 2 Subatomic Studios, Fieldrunners 2 – $2.99

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Fieldrunners 1.2 Now Available

fieldrunners12_4Even with the mega success of Fieldrunners, Subatomic Studios is hard at work making an awesome Tower Defense game even better via updates. 1.2 brings new Fieldrunners to blast, 2 new defense towers, improved lightning visuals and even a new map (among other goodies). The Flame  tower will roast a slew of Fieldrunners while the Mortar tower will  obliterate entire areas of the map. Sweeet! In terms of a new locale, the Drylands map will create even more challenges as enemies now have 3 points of entry. A complete list of new features and screenshots after the jump.

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